Top 6 Ways to Impress Hotel Guests in 2024 & Increase Revenue

Sara Hospitality | Feb 28, 2024

In the hospitality world, the happiness of your guests will always be a priority. It becomes significant to consider their experience from check-in to check-out. In a perfect world, you should be working towards offering a smooth experience that leaves guests without any complaints. It is the best approach that ensures repeat guests and warm wishes. If you are determined to provide exemplary experiences during each aspect of your stay, you should continue ahead and seek the best ways to impress hotel guests. 

We will tell you about the small details here and go the extra mile to provide guest-centric operation without any doubt about the brand. Hence, it is always important to comprehend guest satisfaction to deliver quality experiences.

Top 6 Ways to Impress Hotel Guests

Surprise, what is the secret behind offering ideas to improve the hotel experience for the guests? We have compiled a curated list of how to impress hotel guests to ace your game and blow their minds. 

1. Personalize the Experience

A personalized experience goes a long way, making guests feel unique and valued. Isn't the luxury and the privilege of being pampered as a guest the driving force in the hotel industry? Embrace technology to customize your communication with the guests. You can use a virtual concierge service, personalized communication paths, and virtual booking assistance to interact with the guests.  

Provide training to the staff about extending warm wishes to the guest by addressing them by their names. Try to create a welcoming guest environment. Collect guest feedback before its arrival and utilize that data to improve their stay. Offered them tailored services like unique welcome gifts according to their taste, as it will go a long way in providing a memorable experience. This is one of the best ways to stand apart from the competition and impress hotel guests.

2. Keep it Fresh

Update your hotel's amenities regularly and evaluate your service for efficiency and responsiveness. Maintain a clean, well-maintained hotel for a pleasant stay. Upgrade hospitality casegoods, amenities, lobby items, and decor when necessary to stay current. Consider redesigning areas or adding new features, such as a gym or pool, to improve your guests' stay at your hotel. 

Your guests will be more likely to return if you constantly upgrade and improve your services and amenities. It will also set you apart from competitors and bring in new guests.

3. Create a Memorable Experience

Hoteliers are responsible for providing unique touches that make hotels stand out. But how can you do that? It is organizing something that could be improved for the guest or a positive guest experience. Consider providing unique touches like a welcome drink or fruit, personalized messages, upgraded hotel bathroom vanity, and more. This will surprise and delight your guests and make your stay memorable. You can add by offering unique experiences by conducting activities, events, or excursions for the guest to participate in during their stay. 

4. Sustainability

Going green means making sustainable choices, from furniture and energy use to housekeeping services. However, adopting eco-friendly practices encourages the visitors to contribute by cooperation. Showcase environmental responsibilities by implementing environment-friendly practices like energy-efficient lighting and locally extracted organic products. Furniture plays an important role in the hospitality industry, so try to include sustainable furniture in your hospitality space. Sara Hospitality is the leading producer of eco-friendly furniture for hotels. We ensure that our products are eco-friendly, and we have our own production and manufacturing services. Now, let's jump to another way to impress hotel guests. 

5. Upgrade Blankets, Towels, and Sheets

In a perfect world, the hotels include all the best amenities available. It is not feasible to install everything you need to priortize. However, blankets, sheets, and towels are the priority as these products are vital in improving the guest experience, self-care, and sleep quality. If you want your guest to feel comfortable, invest in soft comforters, bedsheets, and towels. You can even choose cool pastel shades that tie the room together. These slight alterations can make a huge difference and create a soothing environment for the guests. This is one of the best ideas to impress hotel guests.

6. Provide Stellar Customer Service and Recommendations

Outdo the guests' expectations by offering unique and warm hospitality services. Make them feel honored as guests by allowing them out, providing them with relevant information, and sharing unbiased recommendations. Assist them with planning their itinerary and making reservations for them. Share the local attractive places, tasty food places, or other services to make their stay memorable. Your staff must be well-informed about the hotel services and surrounding area. It results in repeat bookings and good publicity for the hotel. 

So, there are some of the best ways to impress hotel guests. Now, let's move ahead and see the importance of a good guest experience in a hotel.

Why Guest experience is Important?

The customer-level services will significantly influence the decision to revisit the hotel. A guest who feels negatively will not return but will also give bad reviews and discourage others from visiting the hotel. As per the research, many travelers read feedback while booking, and more than 70% admit that online responses influence their choices. Enhancing customer service and experience in the hotel world should be emphasized. So, it is always crucial to elevate the space of a hotel by implementing unique designs.

Let's look at why guest experience is crucial and how it is helpful to impress hotel guests.

1. Higher Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Exceptional customer service leads to increased customer satisfaction and builds customer loyalty. Customers satisfied with the experiences will likely visit again, ultimately increasing hotel occupancy rates. So, customer loyalty is the critical driver of reputation, as the customers will recommend the brand and its services to others.

2. Improves Online Image

Guests impressed by hospitality service and experience will share their reviews on Google and other sites. Positive reviews about the hospitality services will reflect the business and enhance the brand's reputation. So, it's important to impress hotel guests during their stay.

3. Build Customer Trust

Fantastic customer service and experience show your commitment to fulfilling the guest's requirements. It will build customer trust and gain more business in the future. The guest will gain confidence in the industry and nurture long-term relationships.

4. Improve Sales

If you successfully crack the formula of how to impress hotel guests, then the satisfied visitor will spend more, and the guests who are happy with its expertise will return and spend on each visit. The customer-centric brands focusing on improving their services will make massive revenue in the long - run. 

5. Better Complaint Resolution

The commitment to providing outstanding service empowers them quickly to respond to visitor complaints, which is crucial for fostering positive experiences. The unsatisfied customers, rather than complaining, are being inclined towards competitors. Addressing the complaints quickly shows dedication and keeps you from losing more guests. 


The tips mentioned above are simple approaches to impress hotel guests and ensure their stay as loyal customers. No matter which ideas you pick, the key is creating a long-lasting and positive impression so the guest will return. This idea helps elevate the overall guest experience and results in happy and satisfied customers. After all, exceeding guest expectations is the gold standard in the hospitality industry. So, if you want to impress your guests and retain them long-term, reach out to Sara Hospitality, which provides fantastic ideas to help create an impression on the guests.


What is the 5-10 rule in hospitality?
The 5-10 rule describes that when a guest is within 5 feet, they should receive a warm greeting, and within 10 feet of their destination, hotel staff should anticipate their needs and offer assistance.

What are the three things guests want to feel?
Guests want to feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe during their stay.

How does Sara Hospitality help hotel owners in impressing their guests?
Sara Hospitality offers premium-quality furniture, FF&E collection, hospitality casegoods, and interior designing services at affordable prices. All these things upgrade the hotel ambiance and will help hotel owners impress hotel guests.