Elevate Your Space: Partner with Sara Hospitality for Stunning Hotel Designs

Sara Hospitality | Oct 19, 2023

There is no secret that interior design is the most crucial aspect of hotel space. However, many hoteliers don’t even think beyond the aesthetics of the interior look, but they will skip another essential facet, functionality. It is a fact that intelligent and creative space design will not only please the eyes and offer a great experience to guests, but it will also enhance the overall operational efficiency, ultimately increasing profitability. 

In exemplary hotels, various other creative design is discovered, like innovative design in physical spaces and objects like hospitality furniture, light fixtures, and many others. So, hotel owners have the potential to influence an infinite amount of details to enhance hotel operations. In this blog, we discover unique ways to elevate hotel design that seems appealing to customers. 

Essential Hotel Design You Must Consider

Here are a few instances to elevate hotel design that every hotelier should consider:

1. Add Visuals Depth with Different Textures and Materials

Adding textured wallpapers in hotel space adds depth. It will work surprisingly in rooms. Just like mirrors and patterns, which elevate room walls, they make an area more prominent than it looks. The primary purpose is to create a stunning hotel experience by adding eye-catching wallpaper. However, a few key things to remember while adding wall coverings are in demand, especially while pairing them with paint. So, ensure that the wallpaper dictates which color palette to match. 

2. Woodwork

Many luxury hotels will frequently use woodwork for valid reasons. The room light becomes a presidential suite by installing wood on the ceiling or floor. The primary bedroom and the study room are the perfect and finest space in the hotel to use wood in hotel design. 

It is important to combine different elements in order to achieve the desired outcome.luxurious flooring with wooden tables or cushions in one hotel option to consider. Similarly, a four-poster wooden crafted bed in the primary bedroom will enhance it. For your custom hotel furnitureusing recycled wood is the ideal choice. Wooden furniture will provide a lux aesthetic and a sense of rustic element. 

3. Hotel Lobbies

Hotel lobbies can give you a hint about the rest of your stay and profit from this. Consider your lobby more than just a waiting room or an entrance hall. Take this opportunity to show your guests why you are a hotel worth visiting. Hotel experiences used to be a standard part of vacations. Today, customers want to create a highlight reel that includes the hotel experience. Make their dreams a reality and upgrade your interiors to enhance your hotel's design.

4. Hi - Technology Accommodation

While traveling, only some people want high-tech accommodation. Over the holidays, people tend to unplug. More and more accommodation places a high priority on keeping visitors "plugged in." A tech-friendly hotel room is an excellent choice for business travelers. It promotes productivity and, in the long run, increases customer loyalty. You can control the lighting, air-conditioning, and even window treatments in new hotel rooms through your cell phone. 

5. Sustainable Design

Include sustainable and eco-friendly practices in design. It is inclusive of energy-efficient systems, green spaces, and the use of renewable materials. You will consider building certification to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. 

6. Natural Light for Room

It is well known that light colors and large glass or windows can make a room feel spacious and airy. The soft colors are more reflective than the darker ones, a trick in designing luxurious hotel rooms. Darker colors absorb light, giving the illusion that an area is smaller. This is particularly useful for bedrooms and living rooms that face the sun. Imagine opening your curtains on a beautiful morning and using the interior design of your hotel to make every day feel like a vacation. 

7. Modern Configurations

A hotel room's traditional arrangement of beds, tables, and lockers is no longer welcoming. That may be why the interiors of the modern hotel industry are so different. The "components of a fashionable hotel room" include

  • additional seating next to the king-sized beds,
  • captivating TV panels,
  • creative workspaces for travelers on business.

We have also seen bright explosions of color and custom-made hotel furniture combinations that may appeal to guests looking for an original lodging experience.

8. Use Soft Interiors with Curvy Edges

Soft furnishing will instinctively remind our comfort level. Thus, using this evolutionary sense for your benefit is critical to creating a unique and sophisticated hotel experience. A novel way to execute this idea is to think about improving the guest's comfort level and feeling pampered. So, no need to worry. It can be done with the right interior design. For instance, soft furnishing will completely pair with curvy furniture. And walking into a room with attractive details comfortable and it is pretty alluring.


Sara Hospitality is a company that has helped companies grow for many years. They help hotel and hospitality businesses adapt to new technology and consumer behavior to develop. Innovative hotel design is a great tool to differentiate yourself from competitors, increase price premiums, and improve retention.

To achieve success, we will guide you and implement innovative hotel concepts. And define what makes your business a beacon of light for today's customers. Our hands-on experiences as a leading hospitality furniture manufacturer across the globe will help you improve your commercial returns.