5 Tips for Sustainable Hotel Furniture

Sara Hospitality | Oct 19, 2023

In modern times, hotel owners and guests are becoming environmentally conscious, and even many hospitality establishments are shifting their focus toward sustainable hotel furniture. But now the question arises about sustainable furniture and how you can enhance the hotel's green credentials. Generally, sustainable custom hospitality furniture is built using eco-friendly principles and materials to reduce the carbon footprint on the atmosphere. 

The genuine level of sustainability depends on custom hotel furniture entirely on various factors, but there are a few tips to consider. 

What is Sustainable Hospitality Furniture?

Custom hospitality furniture sustainability depends on its composition. Sustainability hospitality furniture means furnishing built by using environmentally-friendly materials. Materials like reclaimed wood or recycled metal in furniture production will minimize environmental harm. 

For instance, when a piece of seating is produced using materials, you can ensure it is durable and sustainable. But what makes material eco-friendly, and what factors must be considered while dealing with sustainable furnishing? 

6 Tips for Sustainable Hospitality Furniture

The sustainable hospitality furniture manufacturer will build products by following eco-friendly principles to reduce the negative impacts on the atmosphere. However, the true level of sustainability in furniture depends on various elements, but there are a few tips to consider.


1. Go for Environmentally - Friendly Materials

Make sure to use environmentally-friendly materials in the manufacturing process, and one of the most obvious elements to consider while thinking about sustainable custom hospitality furniture. Generally, harsh chemicals are used to treat fabrics and finish wooden frames. Some of these harsh chemicals are released into the air, creating a toxic atmosphere that impacts health. Sometimes the hotel's room is small and poorly ventilated, so specifying eco-friendly materials will create a healthy atmosphere for both hotels and guests. 

A few of the eco-friendly materials choices are:

  • Reclaimed materials
  • FSC-certified wood extracted from sustainable forest
  • Natural materials like Pure New Wool
  • Unfinished timbers
  • Reprocessed wood, plastic, and metals
  • Bamboo

 Specifically, domestic products will eliminate harsh chemicals due to USA's strict manufacturing regulations. Going with Sara hospitality furniture manufacturers will minimize carbon footprint in subtle ways.

2. Use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Sustainable hospitality furniture producers use life-cycle assessment (LCA) to determine the impacts of products or processes, from raw materials extractions to processing, transportation, packaging, and disposal. So, the entire process of producing sustainable hotel furniture, from material procurement to assessment, will collect if mishaps can endanger the environment. 

However, you can conduct LCA yourself or even outsource it. However, the life cycle assessment may depend on how much you are dedicated to and how much your guest wants to discover about the hotel's environmental impact. 

3. Switch to Sustainable Paints and Finishes

While considering painting your hotel furniture, you can shift to sustainable paints and finishes. Regular paints have volatile organic elements which release harmful gases which cause a dangerous impact on the environment. One leading concern is that paints that release VOC continue to be off-gas for several years. It will contribute to pollution in various counties and manufacturing locations.

It is noted that when you are exposed to many VOCs, you may be affected by serious health conditions like headaches, fatigue, rashes and others. You can discover various options for what paint and finish to use. Conversely, sustainable paints and finishes use elements made from natural materials and solvents. With these products, you are worried about harmful elements due to the small is minimal, and cleaning is easy.

4. Opt Sustainable Process

The manufacturing process has a massive impact on the sustainability of hotel furniture. Products manufactured in large quantities use huge amounts of energy that cause pollution and waste. Fortunately, there are various other options that hospitality furniture manufacturers will do to reduce the adverse effect of furniture on the atmosphere. 

For beginners, the manufacturers can recycle any sawdust, scraps, and excessive timber. Also, they can use sources of low-impact energy like hydroelectricity. 

5. Surround Furniture with Eco - An friendly Environment. 

The walls, flooring, windows, doors and other elements affect the energy used in hotels and the material and processes used in construction. Heat gain and loss are the outcomes of insufficient surroundings. However, energy-efficient windows will enhance air quality and provide insulation. Bamboo, recycled wood and sustainable wood are the best for flooring. For carpeting, there are various options for recycled and eco-friendly carpets. 

6. Curate Highly Sustainable Hospitality Space

Finally, it is recommended to urate highly sustainable hospitality space where you can install the furniture. All other furnishings in a hotel can affect furniture items, whether directly or indirectly. These fixtures will ensure that the hospitality space has suitable insulation., humidity, and heat so the furniture will not wear quickly. 


Sara Hospitality provides sustainable hospitality furniture its furniture manufactured from timber and recyclable materials, with frames built to last and refurbished when fashion changes.