Top 5 Hotel Lobby Lighting Ideas to Upgrade Guest Experience

Sara Hospitality | Mar 20, 2024

Lighting design significantly magnifies the beauty of a space's interior design, especially in hotels. The hotel industry is a service provider industry and they require bright lights for a better guest experience. The hotel lighting designs help illuminate the key spaces perfectly and make the space look wider. You can match the temperature and color with the overall hotel lighting design and decor. Lighting designs enable the defining of multiple spaces, highlight the central point, and create a soothing atmosphere. This soothing effect is sufficient to develop a sense of luxury and comfort, complying with the values of a trustworthy hotel brand.  

Paying attention to contemporary lighting designs is mandatory to achieve this purpose. In perfect lighting designs, the one thing that comes in first is emotional quality. However, professional interior designers are experts in creating a perfect lighting environment and aesthetics that provide a fantastic experience. So, there are some crucial points to remember while choosing the ideal hotel lighting. The best lighting designs should balance fundamental lighting quantities of luminance, illuminance, and luminous intensity or flux. This comprehensive hotel lobby lighting guide will delve into the basic hotel lighting ideas and why they matter. 

5 Best Hotel Lobby Lighting Ideas

The perfect lobby structure makes guests feel unique, welcoming, and warm and provides them with a glimpse of its overall style. Here are some fantastic hotel lobby lighting ideas that create a sense of luxury from the moment the guest steps into the space.

1. Accentuate Artwork with Wall Lighting

Wall and image lighting play multiple roles and perfect complementary products to each other. It will illuminate the hotel lobby, add a fantastic decorative component, and highlight any artwork you wish to accentuate. If you have used textured walls, paintings, or pictures that you bring to grab the guest's attention, then wall paintings will be the perfect element to emphasize these accent pieces.

2. Priortize Natural Lights 

There is no better source of light than natural light, and it is the perfect decor element to add definition to a space. You can place large and open windows, skylights, and other natural light source materials that will add warmth and beauty to the space. Positioning the common areas near natural light sources will enhance its overall ambiance and give a unique feel. Hence, the ground rule includes daylight within the interior design to benefit every possible source of organic light that is brought within space. Lighting is the leading factor that defines the grandeur along with the functionality of the hotel space.

3. Choose an Eye-Catching Focal Point

When you desire to give a sense of luxury to the guest, then chandeliers are the very first choice of the designers. It is an eye-grabbing, attractive piece that provides controlled lighting, and it also brings an emotion of extravagance and sophistication to hotel decoration. There is nothing that looks elegant like the chandelier to welcome the visitor and serve as an attractive piece. There are many impressive hotel lobby lighting products that you can pick in various styles and materials that will match your existing design scheme.

4. Set the Tone of the Lobby

Hotel lobby lighting has the fantastic potential to help hoteliers set the tone. Even stage productions use lights for their benefit to create a sense of romance with each alteration. Similarly, you can use lights to create an ideal lobby ambiance. Indirect lighting will give a warm and smooth glow that results in a soothing environment. To produce an attractive setting, try to use the bright illumination of the floor lamps and table lamps that welcome visitors to explore the hotel perfectly.

5. Pay Attention to Transitions

Transitions between different lit places are planned wisely so the effect is not jarring for the guests and staff. Going from a bright-lit space to an area with soft lighting is unpleasant if there isn't a suitable transition. Doorways, alcoves, hallways, and small transition places are used to offer an intermediate impact and smooth the transition for the guests. Even the guest who comes from outside needs time to adjust, and in that time, the transition space is bright and matches the tone of sunlight with lights set with a white tone.

At night, the transition place is altered to a warmer and smoother tone that allows the guest's eyes to adjust to the darkness outside. These transition lights include two different light sets or dimmers that alter automatically during the daytime. So, there are some hotel lobby lighting ideas. Now, let's move furniture and discuss some tips for hotel lobby lighting.

Tips for Hotel Lobby Lighting

No matter what type of hotel it is, keep in mind these essential tips to enhance the lighting of a hotel lobby.

1. Make it Unique

Every hotel has an overarching style, and lobby lights enable the adding that unique environment by mixing practicality with prettiness. If you choose the simple and elegant look, then use hidden recessed lights or clean, straight-edge fittings. The trendy and modern hotel lobbies are improved by large and sculptural light fittings that will immediately grab the eyes.

2. Illuminate Most Crucial Sections

Suppose you are walking in the hotel lobby at night; then what areas will you see? If you can't see the desk, receptionist, and other essential spaces, then more than lighting is needed. You need to ensure that your guest should be more relaxed in the hotel lobby. So, the lights should not be eye - candy but functional at the same time. The most important spaces that need to be illuminated are your registration desk, counter, and reception areas.

3. Pick Soft and Warm Lights

Most of the hotel industry uses soft but bright lights to welcome their guest. However, bright lights are harsh and unforgiving to often tired guests who have traveled a long distance to arrive at your destination. Moreover, if you use yellow lights, then it gives a homely feeling. The purpose of the hotel lights should be to have good visibility without any harsh glare.

4. Easily Adaptable

Hotel lobby lights are required to be versatile because they will be seen whole hours of the day and night. If the lobby has large windows, then allow for natural light as much as possible by tying back the curtains and raising the blinds. However, the statement ceiling lights will play a decorative role in daylight hours.

5. Match Lighting Tone With Hotel Decor

The hotel lobby lighting should match the interior design of your hotel. The lighting in a beach resort should match the theme of the beach. Lighting for a resort in the mountains should be reminiscent of the hill. Lighting should be consistent throughout all interior design themes.

Why is Hotel Lobby Lighting Important?

Hotel lobby lighting is about creating and providing clear visibility. The lighting and guest satisfaction go hand in hand and ensure you are off to a great start with fantastic lighting for a hotel lobby. Since the hotel is the first place where the guest will encounter, it bears a considerable responsibility towards creating a solid impression. Well-structured lighting creates memorable and positive impressions in front of guests that dictate the quality of their stay.

The lighting can elevate people's moods, and choosing warm lights arranged stylishly allows the guest to feel relaxed. Since the purpose is to provide comfort, and that's precisely what you are aiming for.


The right lighting fixtures will have a significant impact on the guest's guest's experience. Consider the height and size of the room, the design and style of the hotel, and the mood you wish to create when selecting lighting fixtures. For custom hotel lighting for the lobby, reach out to Sara Hospitality today. We are a leading hospitality casegoods and designing company that is always ready to upgrade your guest experience with our services.


Which are the best lighting fixtures to use in a hotel's lobby?

It is essential to take into consideration the height and size of the room, as well as the design and style of the hotel and the mood you wish to create. Popular options include pendant lights, floor lamps, and wall sconces.

What can Sara Hospitality do to create a warm atmosphere with lighting in the lobby?

We will install warm, soft-white bulbs and fixtures for a warm glow. Pendant lights and wall sconces can help create a cozy atmosphere.

How can I choose the best lighting fixtures for my hotel room?

When choosing lighting fixtures, consider the height and size of the space as well as the design and style of the hotel and the mood you wish to create. It would help if you also chose fixtures that are easy to maintain and of high quality.