What are Hotel Casegoods? Why it is important in Hotel Industry

Sara Hospitality | Oct 13, 2023

Casegoods are a crucial investment for any hotel industry because they are a significant source of the guest experience. However, not all hotel casegoods are equal; they can be customized. Their quality determines their prices and durability. Hence, while buying hospitality casegoodsit is essential to check that they will remain longer than usual.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail what hotel casegoods are and why they are essential for your business. 

What are Casegoods?

Casegoods refer to furniture items that are built with interior compartments for storage. However, in American terms, “wooden furniture designed for storage like chests of drawers and cupboards, etc.” Usually, casegoods mean furniture made of hard materials like glass, plastic, or wood. Examples of casegoods are chests, bookshelves, cabinets, and chests of drawers (dressers). 

Sometimes, casegoods refer to commercial furniture like beds and sideboards used in hotels, dormitories, and student hostels. But, the same terminology is not used when referring to domestic furniture. There are three classifications of furniture, and they are casegoods, upholstery, and occasional. The upholstery furniture has fabric or leather and padding stretched over a frame. And the occasional furniture includes tables like nesting, end, coffee, ottomans, and accent stools. 

What do you mean by Hotel Casegoods?

Majorly, hotel casegoods share one common component, which is different in size and shape and can be bottom, top, side, back, door, panel, and drawer. 

Why is Casegoods Important?

Casegoods defines a room that helps you in determining a guest or visitor's overall experience. It will create a delightful atmosphere for the guest if they are undamaged, appealing, and easy to access and utilize. If they show any sign of damage, poor design, and lack of style, they can take away from the guest experience. So, it is crucial to decide about the right casegood as they are vital aspects of customer satisfaction.

Another reason which is crucial why casegoods are essential is that it plays a significant role in bringing hotel brands to life. Each hospitality casegoods furniture piece plays a part in showing your unique hotel brand, so it should be designed and manufactured with the correct intention. The hotel casegoods should match the overall style and design of the room. It should smoothly fit into the guest experience. 

Which Material is Used to Make Hotel Casegoods?

The casegoods are produced by using a variety of different materials. And the elements which define and make each design unique are - edges, cores, and faces. The face looks like casegoods, i.e., color, luster, etc. However, it is widely considered the most crucial part of casegoods. That look is, to a considerable extent, the result of the materials used to create it. 

Usually, the most common face material are natural wood veneer, low-pressure laminate, and high-pressure laminates. If you can’t decide which material to use, then here are a few options to include:


  • Particle board
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MFD)
  • Plywood


  • High-pressure laminates
  • Low-pressure laminates
  • Strong wood
  • Veneer


  • Solid wooden edge
  • PVC edge banding
  • Laminate self-edge

Customizing Casegoods 

Custom casegoods will help make the hotel unique, designed to meet the guest's exact needs. The customization will vary from budget-friendly to luxury. It means the hotel will find precisely what they are looking for at the best prices.

 For instance, newer laminates that include recycled materials will save money and demonstrate environmental responsibility. The dressers built with storage solutions and room for minibars or fridges showcase multifunctional capabilities that will make space larger for the guests. However, customization means the designer's imagination only limits design potential. 

What is the Actually Guest Looking For?

In 2020, the pandemic hugely impacted the hospitality industry and halted most travel. But, after two years, the industry is seeking growth in the travel world. The World Travel and Tourism Council projects that travel and tourism in the USA will reach a pre-pandemic level in 2022 and contribute nearly $2 trillion to the economy. The hotel industry will see many hotel guests will visit again, and it is essential to consider what they look for in trips:

  • Furnishing technology for smooth device charging and usage
  • High-appeal design with a unique twist that creates a memorable experience
  • Multifunctional furniture which makes hotel rooms more versatile
  • Offers luxurious experiences at affordable prices

What does the Future Hold for Casegoods? 

Casegoods are the only section that offers an overall satisfying environment for guests, and other aspects include lighting, decor, and many others. However, customized casegoods are an essential part of what makes a hotel unique which is crucial to provide a seamless guest experience. The hospitality industry has shifted to fulfill trends, and hoteliers are using a mixture of multifunctional furniture and creative designs, shrinking the size of hotel rooms. 

The future casegoods design requires to be efficient and, at the same time, remain attractive and comfortable. Additionally, customized hotel casegoods benefit hoteliers in making the helpful transition. Sara Hospitality has a variety of hospitality furniture for different markets, including hotels, retail displays, and many others. We have expertise in innovatively designing furniture which provides comfort to guests.