Creating Memorable Guest Experiences with Custom Hotel Furniture

Sara Hospitality | Oct 19, 2023

The unique interior will greet visitors when they step into the hotel. The first impression creates long-lasting in their minds. The guests will process the environment and details on an intuitive level and obtain an idea of what to expect. Being professional in hospitality furniture and interior design offers the ultimate user experience. The shapes, designs, and visuals set the mood and provide a comfortable stay. In the highly competitive world of hotel design, creating an unforgettable experience for your guests is essential.

Every detail, from structure to room decoration, contributes to the environment and quality of the service offered.  In this blog, we share the best hotel guest experience best practices. After you go through this, you will comprehend how to pride yourself in offering guest experience. 

How Does Hotel Design Create a Guest Experience?

The hotel furniture designs should be attractive and practical. However, the hotel's marketing strategies add new perspectives to designs. The hotel's interior designs will demonstrate emotions and establish a connection with visitors on a deeper level. Depending on this theory, hotel owners intentionally mix elements to convey the desired feel. Besides this, keep the following points in mind:

1. Include Local and Cultural Influences

The incorporation of local and cultural influences in hotel ambiance is a developing trend in the industry. Also, it offers guests a traditional and enriching feel which shows the identity and vibes of the place they are traveling to. The purpose behind this is to provide exposure to the guest about local culture, shows the traditions, and create a memorable experience for them. For instance, a few hotel owners place artwork of local artists, paintings, and sculptures in common space and adapt them to contemporary designs. 

2. Offers them Coworking Areas

With the increasing popularity of remote working, numerous people have decided to explore the world and become digital nomads. The customers desire to explore the place while still wanting to enjoy the amenities to perform multiple tasks. 

While in contrast, business travelers are no longer staying in their rooms to work. So, the latest concept of coworking area collects work and socializes it into one. Rather than checking the lobby formally, the hotel management can convert the space into a comfortable lounge for working. 

Therefore, the hotels offer a lounging area with better Wi-Fi connectivity. Else, you can move ahead and have a unique dedicated space for working. So, we advised you to implement an open-layout coworking space with dedicated working stations equipped with office technology. A hotelier with coworking space with amenities will become more desirable for travelers. 


3. Multifunctional Space to Cover Various Needs

Nowadays, hotels are adopting flexible approaches in designing spaces and creating multifunctional areas according to guests' needs and requirements. 

Some hotels already decide to make day/night spaces, which change the breakfast space into an elegant bar, offering cocktails and live music to create a live and social environment. 

4. Shorter Stay Guest Experience

Hospitality design trends emphasize the importance of short-stay guests who won't use your accommodation services. They will instead visit your bar, restaurant, or pool to experience its unique atmosphere. Social media is growing, and the demand for unique and engaging content has increased. 

Instagrammers are looking for scenic locations to take beautiful photos to share with their followers. Hotels have become popular destinations for Instagrammers looking for unique photo backgrounds. Social media enthusiasts will visit hotels to capture pictures and experience the vibe.

Your hotel can offer the best guest experience with an Instagram-worthy design. The guests will be amazed by the appearance and want to take photos to remember the experience. The guests will not hesitate to post pictures and share their experiences on social media. 

This helps spread the brand and encourages others to come to your hotel. Many hotels will create restaurant brands to offer guests and visitors to increase profits.

5. Sustainability

Custom hotel furniture is rapidly focused on sustainability, including environmentally - friendly practices and technologies. Many hotel management are implementing renewable energy systems like solar panels and wind turbines to minimize carbon footprints. Moreover, they are using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in their designs. 

6. Smart Technology Innovation

Hotel design incorporates technology, including home automation systems, to control air conditioning and lighting. Mobile devices are also used to provide guests with services and to personalize their experience.

7. Choosing Wellness and Health Programs

Hotels pay increasing attention to the guest's well-being, including areas for working out, relaxing, and health-related services such as spas, healthy eating, and wellness programs.


With changing customer requirements, hotel owners focus on offering a unique and memorable experience. The guest experience will collect a pleasant ambiance and convenient and comfortable amenities. A mixture of these elements will set it apart from the competition and create a friendly atmosphere that caters to guests' needs. 

For exceptional and one-of-a-kind hotel furniture designs, look no further than Sara Hospitality. Our dedicated team is poised and delighted to provide you with unrivaled support in creating the perfect guest experience.