Where and How do Interior Designers Buy Furniture for Clients

Sara Hospitality | Oct 11, 2023

Hiring an interior designer is an expensive task, and if you can't hire one, you can shop like one. It's not that difficult as you think. When you go into the market, you will learn that not everyone has access to the wholesalers, but when you dig deep, you will find that interior designers are also finding some of the best furniture for their clients at places where the rest of us shop daily.  

Maybe the interior designers are negotiating better than us. Below we have compiled a list of places where interior designers prefer to shop for their clients: 

Big Box Stores

Stores like Walmart, IKEA, and Target have a vast amount of furniture in the stock. Big box stores are known for the scale of the quantity they have, and you can find everything from kitchenware to decor and also furniture. These stores are known for great competitive prices, which also guarantee you that you will not find anything cheaper than their stores. Many leading interior designers buy items for the projects from stores like these. You can find everything under one hood, which includes staple pieces to the big oven,  bath accessories, and vanity mirrors. When it comes to furniture, Big box stores lead the space. this will also not break your ban

Department Stores

Department Stores are also a good option, which includes Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. These stores have beautiful and appealing home departments, which are cost-friendly and have an extensive range of variety. This can give you budget options, which can also be near to your establishment and help you to lessen the shipping cost.


Auction is another great place where you can find unique things. Auction is basically a setup where people bid for particular furniture or equipment, and then it is finally sold to the person with the highest bids. When a company goes bankrupt or faces a natural disaster, the hotel or hospitality establishment goes for an auction through a liquidator, which can help them revamp the new hotel and sell the damaged products. You can also find new condition fixtures here with some luck. 

Shop Online

If you're looking for a world tour but don't have enough money to find the best furniture around the globe,  you can simply plug in your laptop and shop online. It's like a curated showroom for everything you want and adding your criteria for price, color, and more. Websites like ETSY can help you find furniture, lighting, and art around the world. 

You will be surprised by the scale and unique products you find online. You will not be able to find the same products and furniture at the local stores or the leading brands. 

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