What Hotels do with Used Furniture

Sara Hospitality | Oct 12, 2023

After major natural disasters like earthquakes, heat waves, floods, and cyclones post-2010, the renovation industry began its recovery by revamping major city's infrastructure, government institutions, and hotels. Since then, various hotels have been renovated, which include rooms, lobbies, cafes, bistros, fixtures, flooring, carpeting, and more. 

When hotels revamp, they most likely replace their older cases, furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). So what exactly does the hotel do with these numerous beds, mattresses, sofas, and chairs? 

That’s where resale and reuse come in the picture, which to avoid furniture to be thrown in a landfill. 

These days if any hotel is going for a renovation, they opt for liquidation, charities, auctions, or recycling for cost-effective methods, which are also eco-friendly. Hotels spend around $100 per guest room to clear out the old fixtures and make way for new. The liquidation companies sell used goods for approximately 25% of the price and help the hotels to purchase new high-end, or refurbished FF&E from liquidators, which include fitness equipment, cases, bedroom sets, and more. 


Hotels also prefer onsite liquidation, also known as an auction, which can be quiet beneficial for the hotel. The hotel operations continue uninterrupted while the sale is going on, and the other advantages include that the purchaser bears the transportation cost. The only cost added in the auction is advertising, security, and crowd management. The products can also be sold at a higher profit margin if the bid is competitive, and there are various methods to make an auction successful. 


In an eco-friendly world, reselling old furniture increases the life cycle of FF&E. Recycling old furniture can increase the life cycle of the equipment. Old mattresses, wooden boxes are 100% recyclable. Commercial carpeting is also recycled to reduce animal bedding and reduce harm to wildlife. Products like Hotel soap and shampoo are also used to distribute to refugees, disaster victims, and needy people around the globe. 


Another moral way to get rid of the FF&E is charities. Hotels can save on waste, shipping cost, and also get tax rebates from charities for their generous contributions. There is always a need somewhere to fulfill, and local homeless shelters are always looking for an extra bed. You can also connect with the local food pantry and manage your waste food, kitchen, and culinary equipment, which can be used by numerous people in need. 

Way Forward

There are various things which can be done of old furniture after a hotel is going through a significant renovation. The hotel should plan it carefully so that they can also continue with the services and produce day to day revenue. Any delay in discarding the old furniture can make the room occupied yet not profitable. 

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