Former AAHOA Chairman C.K. Patel Honored with AAFD Lifetime Achievement Award

Sara Hospitality | May 23, 2024

C.K. Patel, a name that needs absolutely no introduction in the realm of the American hospitality business, is entirely cast as ChandraKant (CK) Patel. Born and brought up in Gujrat, India, Mr. Patel holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Later, he came to the USA and worked in the hospitality industry. He owned and operated hotels in Atlanta and later became the chairman of the Asian American Hotels Owners Association (AAHOA). Owing to his remarkable contributions to the hospitality industry for more than 35 years, he has been awarded the highest individual recognition award of AAFD

Mr. Patel is honored with the prestigious 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award by the AAFD or American Association of Franchisees and Dealers. AAFD presented this eminent award at its Annual Franchisee Leadership Summit in Missouri on May 7.   

For the past 25 years or more, CK has been at the forefront of efforts to advance fair franchising in the hospitality industry,” said Robert Purvin, Chairman of the AAFD. “We are proud to recognize and honor his many years of service representing the rights of franchisees. Over the years, the AAFD has benefited greatly from Ck’s support and guidance.

Let's take a deep dive into the incredible journey and accomplishments of this famed figure. 

Vision and Leadership

While holding the position of chairman of the AAHOA, Mr. Patel left an indelible mark on the hospitality sector with his visionary leadership. Under his consistent efforts and guidance, AAHOA embraced new heights of growth and success. Besides endorsing diversity and championing inclusion in the industry, he is also known for advocating for his members’ rights. His strategic foresight and relentless commitment to excellence set the bar high for the upcoming generation of industry leaders. 

As we all honor and celebrate C.K. Patel’s Lifetime Achievement Award, we commend his exceptional leadership and steadfast dedication to fair franchising advocacy,” said Laura Lee Blake, President & CEO of AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association). “I have worked with C.K. for many years, and he has never taken his eye off the ball. Through his educational efforts, he has influenced countless entrepreneurs within the AAHOA community and the franchisee industry, leaving an indelible mark of excellence and empowerment. No one is more deserving of this prestigious Award.

The Award: AAFD Lifetime Achievement 2024

Presenting AAFD's Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Patel speaks volumes about his impact on the hotel marketplace of the US. This prestigious grant recognizes his exceptional offering and enduring legacy in hospitality. Even today, Mr. Patel continues to inspire as a leading example and will endure for years to come. His legacy serves as a guiding light for future generations of hospitality professionals. Looking ahead with each accolade and achievement, Mr. Patel proclaims his devotion to shaping a brighter future for the hospitality industry and beyond.

While receiving this esteemed honor, Mr. Patel gave a sneak peek at why he is termed a reflection of superiority. He humbly expressed gratitude towards the collective efforts of countless individuals who have supported and inspired him along the way. He also acknowledges the value of teamwork and collaborative support in achieving any aspirational goals. As per Mr. Patel, success is never an individual pursuit, instead, a collaborative outcome driven by various hands.

While receiving the award, Patel said, “Over the years, it has been a pleasure to work in concert with the AAFD and with Bob Purvin, specifically, to help protect hotel franchisees' success and goodwill,” he added.

Influence and Impact

Patel, with over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, served as Chairman of AAHOA in June 2011. AAHOA, with nearly 20,000 members owning over 60% of U.S. hotels, benefited from Patel's leadership through innovative programs like a universal fair franchising bill of rights, an online travel agency, and a purchasing cooperative. He promoted the 12 Points of Fair Franchising, educating hoteliers on fair practices, and contributed to the AAFD’s Fair Franchising Standards Committee, enhancing industry standards.

The remarkable journey of Mr. Patel in the hospitality industry is nothing less than an exception. He is celebrated for building the path to success from scratch to the end all by himself. With utmost determination and diligence, he embarked on a path that ultimately redefined standards higher. From baby steps, Mr. Patel established an unparalleled commitment to his work and enhancing his craft. He exemplified setting the core foundation for a career built with vision and excellence.

Concluding Up

By celebrating Mr. C.K. Patel with this noted Lifetime Achievement Award, the AAFD not only acknowledged his individual accomplishments but also his enduring legacy of innovation and unity. His incredible journey serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the power of vision, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence. While desiring a bright future, let us draw inspiration from Mr. Patel's model and strive to make our mark on the world.