Transform Your Hotel into a Haven for Families

Sara Hospitality | Oct 19, 2023

Ensuring a perfect match for every guest's needs is essential when selecting a hotel, whether it's for business, family, or couple-oriented purposes. It's important to acknowledge that not all hotels can seamlessly cater to every requirement simultaneously. Consequently, hoteliers face the crucial task of determining their primary and secondary target segments. While discussions often revolve around the attributes of couple-friendly or business-oriented hotels, a significant segment often goes unnoticed: family-friendly accommodations.

It's a common assumption that most hotels are inherently family-friendly, as they generally welcome families without any reservations. However, delving deeper into this aspect unveils the importance of recognizing and enhancing the features and services that truly make a hotel truly family-friendly.

To make a hotel family-friendly, a hotel should offer all the amenities like games and other fun activities and ensure guests feel comfortable. This blog will discuss how you can make a hotel family-friendly. 

What is Family - Friendly Hotel?

Every hotel guest who comes to your hotel has family connections, but many others travel solo or with their partner or colleague. Travelling outside with family gives a unique and different experience. But, when a hotel stays family-friendly, the whole family can enjoy their experience. The hotel services and features appeal to all age ranges, from kids to senior citizens. Especially while travelling with kids finding family suitable accommodation is a leading priority. 

The term family-friendly is synonymous of children - friendly. Even most spaces are hotels and include custom hotel furniture, which is designed by keeping in mind adults. Often, kids are ignored unless they are considered intentionally. A family-friendly hotel will leave the path and create a welcoming and engaging space. 

Ways to Create Family-Friendly Hotel

We will discuss the concept of a family-friendly hotel, which allows us to discuss how to make the hotel kids-friendly. With these tips, you will engage many visitors easily. 

1. Prioritize Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is one of the hotel’s calling cards for all age groups, but it is essential for kids. The children must stay active and expend all their energy in valuable ways. The younger generation suffers from mental crises and requires mental support wherever possible. In the process, hotels help families to manage their kid's physical and psychological health. So, the hotels should enhance pool and fitness centre hours so the kids will use these facilities more often. 

In addition to that, hotel owners need to make the room comfortable with features like air purification systems, mood lighting, scent diffusers, and customised hospitality furniture. This detail allows kids to manage anxiety and sleep disorders. Many people have dietary restrictions due to health reasons and are picky eaters. So, the hotels should offer vegan foods and gluten-free options. It is highly appreciated by another guest as well. 

2. Provide Large Room Space to Families

It may seem obvious and make you say, “Duh”, but many hotel owners don’t consciously keep it in mind. If you have ample room spaces like suites or king-size beds, keeping these rooms for families is always better. Also, the hospitality furniture manufacturers will offer quality furniture, and owners must maintain a room ready for those travelling with kids, so you don’t need to customise like adding extra beds. 

3. Catering to All Age Groups

Children grow up quickly. As children grow older, their needs and interests change. You must provide for all ages so guests of every size and shape can have a great time. Here is a brief overview of what each age group should expect:

  • Baby and toddlers: cribs, cots or playpens for babies, bibs in a changing station, extra toiletries in bedrooms, white noise machines, and baby food.
  • Teenagers - Fast and secure Wi-Fi for teens, gaming devices, outdoor yard activities, and teen-specific lounge area.

They are still children. Teenagers and preteens may be less demanding than younger kids, but they are still kids. The hotel should offer them more than just a place to sit and use their phones. They should have full access to all the hotel's recreational areas, including the fitness centre, pool, and gaming room. 

Include some eye-catching décor and classic games that anyone can enjoy in the gaming room, like foosball or air hockey. This small detail will ensure that all children can participate, regardless of their skill level or experience. 

4. Safety - Proceed with Caution

Safety is paramount when dealing with children. Hotels must protect children, whether physical objects or unscrupulous individuals, from harm. You need to take the following steps to make your hotel childproof:

  • Keep dangerous things out of reach of children
  • Extra cushions are an excellent idea to keep in the room
  • Hotel rooms should have a first-aid kit
  • Cover electric sockets.
  • To keep out unscrupulous individuals, tighten security.

Hotel staff should also be trained to be careful when cleaning the rooms or doing housekeeping. Even the slightest negligence can cause disasters. Also, having a separate pool for children is a good idea.


Families look for accommodations that meet their needs. Your hotel can be the one that ticks all of their boxes and provides them with a great experience. Sara Hospitality offers a range of products to help you create indoor and outdoor playgrounds that appeal to families. Our range of products will help you design indoor and outdoor play areas that appeal to families. Our decades of experience have made us the world leader in enclosed playground equipment. We can create a custom-made playground to attract families and children to your hotel.