The Psychology of Color : Office Space, Home Office and Workspace

Sara Hospitality | Oct 11, 2023

In our last blog, we discussed the introduction of color for Restaurant, Hotel & Hospitality Design. From warm colors to cool colors, we spoke about the blending of colors and forming secondary colors. Today we will pick up a famous spot where many of us spend more than 50% of our time, our offices. Color plays a critical role in our productivity, energy levels throughout the day, and our overall happiness quotient. 

The office color scheme also determines the office culture and most importantly, the brand’s identity - the overall mood and aura it presents to its employees and customers. Colors synchronized with brand colors can increase the element of elegance and recall value.

The office consists of various departments, people from all backgrounds, and open office culture is continuously increasing the collaboration within the organization. Choosing colors carefully for all spaces can ease and inspire your workforce.  



Color Schemes

As several startups and coworking spaces are growing, each environment is different and is lead by the nature of work, types of workforce, different working hours, which shapes the office culture. A lot of thought process goes while choosing the aesthetics of the workplace. To help workspaces define their office identity and design, we have compiled a list of tips and top colors to make your office space unique and influential. 

Primary Color 

The primary color is the main color, which has the most visual space in your office. In interior design, there is a famous 60-30-10 rule which depicts that the majority of your color needs to fill 60% of your space. 30% should be the secondary color, and 10% should be the accent color.

Office spaces generally opt for neutral colors such as white, off white or beige. The key is to match it with the existing furniture, as neutral colors tend to blend in with abstract types of furniture easily. Don’t go absurdly wild with your working place. If you keep vibrant colors in your workplace, it will energize the room vividly, but will also make you extremely tired after spending a day there. 

Secondary Color - The Supporter

This denotes the 30% of the 60-30-10 rule, which introduces a supportive color which includes green, red, orange, and high contrast colors. This can be decided according to your brand color. Modern offices have a tint of secondary color throughout their office to mark their territory while being minimal. Objects like window frames, door frames, rugs, carpets, chairs, cabinets and storage spaces are the places where you can play with the secondary color.

Tertiary/ Accent Color

The last 10% is the accent color which is used in artworks like a chair, pot, and lamps, whichever takes minuscule of the place. You can choose whatever you want as you’re only playing with 10% of the overall color. 

Colors for Office Spaces

1. Teal

When combining blue and green, teal is generated. Teal is a positive color and a natural productivity booster. The color radiates positivity and intensity. 

2. Off White

The universal favorite color, from hospitals to offices, everyone likes white for its calm presence. It’s easy to blend in decor with the white background and provide a clean appearance every time. 

3. Light Blue

Blue is a natural cooler and provides a peaceful vibe. It is highly summer-friendly and will also help you minimize the power costs, as it naturally keeps the office fresh. In a fast-moving office place with deadlines and people rushing for targets, the color blue can keep the ambiance positive and calm every day. 

Pro Tip: Home Office 

As remote work culture and digital nomads are growing in the digital economy, home offices are on the rise. For starters, you’re dealing with your own home here. Home area can be full of distractions while working, and it’s better to keep it neutral. White, light blue, yellow are subtle colors which won't create much noise. 

Balance is highly essential in a home office which requires ergonomics chairs and tables, the same one you have experienced in an office. A dedicated space for work is much recommended. 

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