The Latest Quartz Countertop Trends in Warm and Cool Hues

Sara Hospitality | Nov 23, 2023

Are you looking to choose a countertop for your kitchen space? Then, it is the perfect time to get a countertop, as its surfaces are available in trendy designs. Also, choosing alone is a challenging task. That’s why we are here to help you find the perfect countertop for your kitchen. While picking a kitchen countertop, you have various questions in mind, like color choices, material, and natural stone. 

Countertops come in various forms, and specific natural stones are extracted directly from quarries worldwide. It is pretty durable and beautiful but expensive, that’s why not the choice of customers. Other options are synthetic countertops, which are affordable but lack durability and aesthetics. One of the prevalent engineered natural stones and countertops is quartz. It is produced out of crushed quartzite and binding resin. 

Nowadays, quartz countertops come in numerous colors and variety compared to other countertops. Choosing hospitality furniture and other kitchen countertops is challenging as there is a wide variety. Here, we help you to pick the colors which is best. 

Popular Quartz Countertop Colors That Transform Kitchen

Here, we introduced many color choices so you can’t have a shortage of color selection. Some of the best color choices in kitchen countertops are:

1. Calcutta Laza Quartz

Calcutta Laza Quartz is a stylish countertop material that modernizes any room. Its smooth and polished look gives it a timeless quality, making it a perfect addition to countless kitchen designs. This quartz features subtle white veining on light grey to ensure its beauty and durability. It creates polished marble-like aesthetics with fantastic strength and low maintenance care needed. 

There is no requirement for sealing or other unique upkeep, like cleaning with hot water and mild soap or sparkling surfaces. Calacatta Laza Quartz is the perfect mixture of trends and timeless, lasting years of luxurious living. 

2. Midnight Corvo

Light hue countertops are widely used in the industry, but things are different now. With ample dark-colored choices, it is tough to pass on dark-colored countertops. In quartz, one of the best discovered is Midnight Corvo, and it’s very dramatic. Midnight Corvo has black countertops, which is fantastic. It is one of the best choices if you like a modern and unique kitchen. Usually, people prefer to pick Midnight Corvo due to its aesthetics. Another advantage is that it‘s very immune to staining because of its colors. 

3. Solid Grey

If you need intense colors for quartz countertops, solid grey is one of the popular options. This calm and semi-dark color is perfect for the kitchen with cabinets and fixtures with dark shading. It perfectly goes well with colors, and you get dark aesthetics for a kitchen rivaling the ones you will see online. Solid grey quartz is perfect for the kitchen. We don’t advise having it installed within the bathroom simply because the color doesn’t go well with the unusual motif of the bathroom. Still, for solid colors, it is one of the leading choices homeowners make when choosing quartz. 

4. White Attica Caesarstone

White Attica is ideal for kitchen countertops or any project requiring a smooth and modern look. It features striking white veining and subtle grey accents; this bright surface will add specific sparkle and sophistication to any setting. Surprisingly, it is one of the most popular quartz countertops this year. It is easy to maintain and durable; White Attica Caesarstone will withstand staining, bringing a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. If you want to recreate the aspiration and grandeur of Greek antiquity or search for something stylish, minimalist, and trustworthy, White Attica Caesarstone is best. 

5. Vanilla Noir Caesarstone

You may think that since it is named Vanilla, the leading color of Vanilla Noir is white. However, it is a dark blue quartz color with beautiful touches of grey veins. Vanilla Noir Quartz is the ideal color choice for those who need to build a robust and sophisticated vibe for their kitchen countertops. Usually, restaurants choose this color because it exudes a strong vibe and covers stains perfectly. 

6. Soapstone Mist

If you love contrast hues, then Sopastone Mist is an ideal countertop. It is a white countertop famous for its simplicity and potential to blend well with kitchen appliances made of steel. It will be the best option if you want something creative and trendy. It is readily available and perfectly suitable for kitchens, living areas, outdoor kitchens, and bathrooms. Its potential to easily blend with other appliances makes it a leading choice for various hoteliers, and it’s something that you should also consider. 


Here are a few options for choosing the right quartz color for your countertop. If you are building a new home, hotel or restaurant or renovating an existing one, it is essential to consider the color of your countertop. You should also feel the overall vibe of your kitchen, any discounts available on quartz countertops, and the maintenance needed.

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