Some Stylish Small Living Room Ideas Approved by Design Experts

Sara Hospitality | Jan 18, 2024

Deciding about the proper decoration of a small living room is challenging. It becomes more challenging if you need more space, and figuring out which furniture is essential is often troublesome. While decorating small living spaces, we all make mistakes in arranging furniture, but while decorating, we want petite rooms that look stylish and amazing. However, the key is ensuring that every installed custom hotel furniture is functional and elegant, enhancing the space's ambiance. 

It always means there is more space to work with than compromise on taste. The selection of hotel furniture will not only support the lifestyle and seem appealing but also pull out the double duty. When you receive multi-functional furniture, you should pick the decor that provides trompe l'oeil. Here in this guide, we share some creative ways by experts that enable you to transform the space quickly.  

Creative Ideas to Decorate Space from Designing Professionals

Here are some small living room ideas that enable you to assist quickly in transforming the space. So, the innovative ways are:

1. Fix In a Nook

The small living rooms bring slanted ceilings or oddly angled walls, which makes it challenging to style. You may feel you have hit a wall, but we learn how to use oddly shaped corners and create a small nook. A nook adds homely charm in small living spaces; you can even use custom hotel furniture to give the illusion of a high ceiling. Get a comfortable chair with a chic side table and use the shorter ottoman as extra seating for a cosy space. You can hang your artwork, and creating sections in living rooms seems spacious, giving you sufficient space to accommodate multiple areas.  

2. Add Mirrors

A fantastic trick of designers is adding mirrors within small spaces, aiming to create larger ones. Mirrors will add light and dimensions to any room, and it is an inexpensive approach to creating a bigger space. But not all mirrors are built equally. Since the purpose is to add space, skip mirrors with large and shops overpowering in small rooms. Instead, choose a small frame near your giant mirror. To encourage the reflective powers of your mirrors, pair it with a lamp next to the mirror. 

Another trick is to include a mirror or reflective surface in the living room design. The mirrors have the natural potential to brighten up the room and create a larger one. We advise you to place it on the opposite side of the window to maximize its effect. 

3. Select the Funiture Wisely

While working in a small space, the furniture you select will make or break the space's ambience. Color furniture products with a lightweight look will make the space look visually spacious. While choosing a hospitality furniture manufacturer, select a shaded color with a leggy piece that allows the eyes to scan the floor. The same goes for glass tops and see-through furnishings. This makes the rooms spacious and tricks the eyes into thinking there is a vast space.  

You can even scale down on the furniture and think about the products that cover less space. Choose innovative furniture pieces that create magic with small spaces.

4. Declutter

When considering different thoughts on creating a larger room, you will observe various designers recommend decluttering. A deep declutter is good for the soul and a fantastic approach to creating an illusion of more space. So, the more you vacant the space, the more dramatic the result will be. Initiate by removing old ornaments before moving onto any unnecessary furnishing cluttering the space. 

5. Don't Overlook the Lighting

Lighting is a unique and vital element in any design scheme. Whether you are decorating ample, open, or cosy spaces, tallying the correct lighting will ensure greatness at night and similarity simultaneously. Ceiling lights and fixtures like wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, candles, and centre lights will amplify the space precisely if the light is directed at the right place. 

6. Go High

Design up is one of the best ways to maximize a small living room and provide the appearance that the room is more significant. It means removing your curtains and rods near ceilings rather than above the window. Ensure to add extra inches to your curtains to avoid awkward lengths. Also, when it comes to artwork and wall decoration, move to the next level and build toward ceilings. 
You can design your gallery wall to enhance the ceilings or add shelves that are better developed than the center of the wall. So, when you enter into the small living space, these design tips will garb your eyes upward and create a larger and more spacious room.

7. Focus on Continuity

The more colors you launch into your living room, the bulkier and more crowded place it becomes. So, to avoid this, match the leading furniture products similar to wall colors. It will ensure they blend entirely and create a sense of space, adding some statement pieces from hospitality casegoods suppliers that enable them to inject a little character and personality. 

8. Choose the Right Size Rug

When it comes to rugs, the bigger the better. A large rug will anchor the room and make it appear larger. A smaller rug may be floating in the centre of the room, making your living space seem choppy. Need help determining what size rug would work best in your room? Use painter's tape to trace the outline of the rug on the ground. You can try different sizes to see which size and shape will fill the space best and make your room look larger.


If you want these ideas to come to life or create your perfect living room, contact Sara Hospitality. You will have unlimited access to a team of interior designers who translate your vision into your dream room. Our team will create a furniture product list that suits your budget and matches your hotel elegance.