Space Psychology: How Interiors Impact Human Behaviors

Sara Hospitality | Oct 13, 2023

Traveling, whether in the country or outside the nation, is always thrilling and gives you a chilling experience. It feels like one goes through leaving their comfort zone to explore the world. When you are going to another place, you may feel anxiety, but to get over these feelings, a hotel is the best place to reside. At the end of the long tiring day, a hotel is where frazzled, fearful, and financially strapped travelers rest their weary bodies and get security.

When the guest enters the hotel, they walk into the design of the entrance, the interior look of the hotel reception, and the hospitality furniture. This area must leave the right impression and reassure the guests that they have made the right choice. However, understanding this psychology will help design a hotel space where people feel comfortable and get a feeling of belongingness. Even the tiniest hints of modern people usually respond to hospitality behaviors, and amenities will determine the fate of your business. 

How can Hotels Create an Impact on Human Psychology?

1. Target Mindset, Not Generation

For years, many industries, including hospitality, bustle, and debate about appealing to Millennials. They understand that they need to put applications to use, use a more casual approach, Instagram-worthy spaces, value technology, and so forth. But targeting a specific generation and sticking to the given regulations is doomed to fail. 

You are pushing people away by focusing on a single generation, some of whom are from the targeted age. So, there are no “millennial hotels” - there are only hotels that share the mindset and principles of this generation. Also, appeal to similar thinking people, including older age people.

2. Significance of Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in the hotel's interior design and hospitality furniture and builds the required ambiance by enhancing the guest experience and mood. So, knowing what kind of lighting looks perfect can majorly affect the overall visitor experience. 

3. Authenticity Needed

Nowadays, travelers are not only looking for shelter and food. Instead, people like to call themselves “travelers” rather than “tourists.”Travelers prefer quality over quantity, authenticity, and experience; it seems less on the trip. However, people immerse themselves entirely in all the experiences. 

In the current scenario, travelers do not need generic luxury in accommodations; they only care about welcoming feelings and authenticity into a community. Most visitors want they are treated like guests, not customers. Like you warmly welcome your guests at home and provide them with all the heartiest recommendations, the hotel staff is ready to chat with them about their favorite local gems. However, all these sweet gestures will strongly seperated in their minds from all others they have visited. 

4. Color Impact

No matter what language your gest speaks but the color language is universal. You can understand the human mood by choosing the color. If someone is happy, they will choose a bright color; if the feelings are sad, then pick dull colors. Understanding this color palette psychology enables them to make the place more welcoming and aesthetic. 

5. Understanding of Human Psychology

Layout, furniture, color, lighting, and all the other interior design components will contribute majorly to the scene for guests' memorable stays. Thus, while setting up the hotel design space like bathrooms, bedrooms, and lobby, it is essential to consider custom Hospitality Furniture Manufacturers. They will help you understand what kind of guests will come and what their expectations are during the visit from your hotel. 


Ultimately, keep in mind that principle of psychology in the service sector, so train your staff to be hospitable in the right way. If you have a fantastic hotel, good service, accommodation, and excellent staff will significantly impact you. However, the ultimate secret of the psychology behind hospitality design is how your hotel emotionally affects the guests. 

Therefore, you must ensure that you give your guests a satisfactory experience and efficient services so they will return in the future. Sara Hospitality has a team of proficient and talented interior designers who helped leading hotel chains successfully get repeat business by understanding the psychology behind the hospitality world.