Some Factors to Consider When Buying New Hotel Casegoods

Sara Hospitality | Dec 30, 2023

Installation of new hotel casegoods needs a careful and strategic approach, as this furnishing plays a significant role in shaping the visitor experience and overall ambiance of the room. The selection process includes a delicate balance between design aesthetics, functionality, and practical considerations. In this aspect, various vital factors should be meticulously evaluated, ensuring that selected hospitality casegoods align with the hotel's digital identity and fulfill the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry.

From budgetary constraints to sustainability issues, particular decisions will contribute to creating a welcoming and functional space that shows the hotel's commitment to guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. This guide will explore significant factors that hoteliers and decision-makers should consider while obtaining new hotel casegoods. This comprehensive guide explores essential elements that elevate the visitor experience while adhering to budgetary and operational requirements.

Consideration for Purchasing Hotel Casegoods

While purchasing new hotel casegoods that refer to fixed furniture and cabinetry in hotel rooms, there are various factors to consider where pieces meet functional and aesthetic requirements. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Material Quality and Durability

While considering new hotel casegoods for hotels, resorts, and lodges, think crucially about the quality and durability of the materials. It must be apparent that trendy casegoods options should be considered while updating hotels or furnishing a brand-new space. However, modern designs are produced with more than high-quality materials. It's because it's expected that with the change in trends, the products are easily replaced sooner rather than later. The latest consumption of materials is unsustainable, especially in the hotel industry. It is affordable to invest in furniture, and particular materials will remain last and timeless to act as a base for a style that will flourish with time.


2. Packaging, Handling, and Shipping

After selecting the hotel casegoods, they are delivered to your place safely, and you can manage them wisely. You must expand your budget if the supplier is based outside the USA. Going with suppliers overseas means paying for handling, assembling, and freight charges. Furthermore, you need to count the number of days in which the pieces are delivered to you. Delays and mishandling are casual on standard days. If you want to run your business swiftly and follow environmental rules, you should know that using an overseas company means more wastage and charges. Other expenses like packaging materials and fossil fuels for transportation and shipping supplies add more wastage that is rarely disposed of properly. 

3. Manufacturing

Checking whether they have manufacturing facilities is imperative when selecting custom hotel furniture suppliers. Selecting casegood suppliers that manufacturing outsourcing will likely result in enhanced production costs, compromise in quality, less space for competitive pricing, and lack of service support. When the supplier is manufacturing capabilities, you are included in the process from planning to deployment. Moreover, it is vital to consider the supplier's years of expertise, accreditations, and qualifications of their teams. When you collaborate with suppliers with in-house professionals, you ensure higher transparency throughout the process. It means you will smoothly integrate last-minute product alterations even if the manufacturing process is a work in progress.

4. Wastage

Shipping and handling processes often contribute to substantial waste through fuel costs linked with overseas shipping or materials utilized for packaging and shipping. Waste management is crucial for businesses to minimize their environmental footprint. The USA has grown in the eco-friendly furniture market in the past few years, encompassing sourced materials, waste disposition, and honest behavior with workers. While choosing hotel casegoods, prioritizing cost-effective options with minimal environmental impact is recommended. 

5. Storage

Various hoteliers have sufficient space, so purchasing casegoods before clearing out the area could be better planning. So, replacing old casegoods with new ones floor-by-base is best. It not only keeps furniture secure from damage but helps you keep all the furniture organized and tidy. 

6. Warranty and After Care Services

In every business, warranties are vital; a warranty is essential in hospitality furniture. While negotiating prices and quality, always remember to ask about security and duration. Many organizations provide warranties because they need luxury hotels, but buying them is only helpful with reassurance. There are massive investments, and businesses can only risk losing money if the supplier is willing to provide a warranty. Furthermore, it would help if you inquired about support services and touch-ups. Even highly durable furniture requires touch-ups. Thus, accessing similar tones, paint, polish, and stains you can't ignore whenever the need arises is crucial. 


From the factors mentioned above, you need to pick hotel casegoods for the hospitality business, which isn't just checking its prices. It is more than that. Always go with the supplier with a proven track record and provide quality assurance. At Sara Hospitality, we are a certified hotel furniture manufacturing company, and our designers are innovative, resourceful, and talented. It will turn all imagination into beautiful furniture pieces.