Pros & Cons of Choosing an American Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Sara Hospitality | Oct 13, 2023

Purchasing new furniture for the hotel is a considerable investment for any hotelier. The hotel owner expects furniture will remain last longer in the future. Thus, buying furniture from American manufacturers offers a range of benefits, including materials, sustainability, and support to businesses and craftsmanship. However, after the devasting impact of a global pandemic, many hotel owners are evaluating their decision to purchase from their home country. 

The hoteliers are in a dilemma to choose an American hotel furniture manufacturer and an overseas option while building or renovating hotel furniture. The decision can’t be taken lightly because it can affect the budget and guest experience. While making crucial financial decisions, it might be possible to end with a costly mistake in the future. 

So, before making any decision, it is imperative to weigh the pros and cons of a hotel furniture manufacturer. 

Pros and Cons of Buying American Manufacturer

Here are some of the pros outlined in choosing a hotel furniture manufacturer:

Pros of Buying American Manufacturer

1. Insight about Manufacturing Process

The USA government made strict rules and regulations regarding product quality. Thus, every piece of furniture must meet the quality standards of the Consumer Product Safety Improvements Act. Fulfilling quality standards is a crucial part of the manufacturing process, and it ensures the safety of products before it is distributed to customers. 

The American manufacturer uses safe and natural fiber to produce products and avoids harmful chemicals and glues. Thus, bringing American-produced furniture pieces will give you confidence and surety to remain last longer. Besides that, in excellent manufacturing practices, the workers are provided a safe working environment per CDC guidelines. 

2. Quality Assurance

American furniture possesses more than recognition, and it is promised to every buyer about product quality. The USA is famous for its quality product and respect that stand the test of time. However, it is mainly applied when it comes to custom hotel furniture. The domestic furniture lives up to quality standards and workmanship due to the:

Durable materials

Safety regulations

American integrity and ingenuity 

3. Guest Safety

The guest should have a safe and comfortable stay. However, American-made furniture pieces are safe from structural but also in material composition. Usually, imported furniture pieces contain toxic flame-retardant chemicals, and due to this, it causes several other diseases like cancer and genetic issues. 

But, there is a good thing about USA's toxic Substance Control Act protecting customers, employees, and the environment from such an atmosphere. 

4. Best quality Furniture - Without a Higher Price

In present times, consumers look for considering options worldwide. While the imported manufacturers are known to offer affordable furniture, their pieces will only provide some bang for the buck. The international shipping, duties, and taxes add up for the foreign-made furniture piece to be competitively priced. 

Conversely, American manufacturers will offer quality products without adding unnecessary price tags. Due to this, the local manufacturer does not require to import, the cost of savings is directly passed to the customer, and valuable business is not lost to other nations. 

5. Efficiency

Expect a quick turnaround while ordering from an American furniture manufacturer. However, delivery should always be fine. Suppose you are waiting for a shipment of quality furniture near the end of the hotel project. With hotel structure and design taking shape as the deadline approaches, you can’t afford a logistical hold-up. An American manufacturer has far less complexity to jump over before getting the product to the website. The oceans, inspections, borders, and customs tariffs don’t stand in the way as they do with international furniture. 

Cons of Buying American Manufacturer

However, besides than pros, it has some cons to buying from American manufacturers:

1. Lesser Brand Choices

A few decades ago, the USA became tough to do business with. However, only the powerful hotel furniture manufacturers will adapt, thrive, and survive. Also, there are few suppliers to choose from compared to poorly regulated overseas markets, but again American-made ensures quality and style, which is unavailable in other places. 

2. Increase Initial Investment

It is where you are careful about cost - the balancing act. The imported furniture is usually cheaper because of foreign wage laws that pay pennies on the dollar compared to American workers, especially in Asia. Due to this, domestic furniture carries a higher price. 


Choosing a USA manufacturer indirectly supports sustainability, manufacturing, and the US economy. Due to this reason, Sara Hospitality is proudly made in the USA and has stylish furniture pieces that will suit every hotel's needs.