Increasing Hotel Booking with Color Psychology : Online and Offline

Sara Hospitality | Oct 11, 2023

Increasing Hotel Booking with Color Psychology : Online and Offline

Color has the power to influence our perception, behavior, taste, and how we think and feel about the things around us.  For example, the color blue suppresses appetite while the color yellow stimulates it. White pastels make everything lightened up, while red and black can increase the visual weight and energy in the room. 

How colors navigate our emotions

Colors are used to communicate emotions, but it works individually on person to person according to the expression and the use of color in a specific direction. 

1. Yellow

Yellow provides a warm feeling which is friendly, welcoming, and fun. 

2. Blue

Blue color provides trust, calmness, and serenity. 

3. Green

Green is the color of nature, and it usually provides the order of health,  freshness, peace, and organic. 

4. Black

Black is a very sensitive color to use in interior,  to communicate glamour and exclusivity. 

5. Orange

Orange helps to energize people mentally, physically, and imbibes confidence and competition.

Go Local

It's important to understand that colors have cultural implications, and should be used carefully if you are building a global brand. For example, the color white is used for mournings in death ceremony in China, Japan, and India.  However, in the Eastern countries like Europe, white and simplicity. It is essential to study your market before designing brand guidelines. 

How Colors Affect Your Hotel Website Conversions

As we have discussed that color plays a vital role in the interior design of your hotel,  but more than 85% of the hotels were booked online in 2018-19. This metric leads us to understand that users are getting prone to digital websites and check out the amenities, customer reviews, and hotel photos, prior booking. It's essential to convert all the visitors who are visiting your website to increase hotel bookings and conversions. 

90% of people make decisions about the product and the hotel just by how correct colors are used on the hotel's website. As soon as the website load,s  the guest subconsciously makes decisions and opinions on visual content like the colo, image, and font-size. This leads to:

  • Creating brand guidelines for your hotel and use it offline as well as online
  • Deliver the right message
  • Draw tension on call to action buttons
  • Make sure you remain color consistent throughout the same segment of rooms


Using color psychology is not solely about manipulating emotions and minds of the users, but it is a perfect framework to convey the mood and ambiance of your hotel. Remember that even small tweaks matter, and can lead to a ripple effect in the long run. Your hotel business will not just boom because you upgraded the color of your room, but creating a brand guideline and using that color consistently is the key to success. 

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