How to Keep Hospitality Furniture in Great Shape

Sara Hospitality | Mar 06, 2024

The hotel industry includes various intricate elements that ensure its proper functionality, and shareholders must have good command over its responsibilities down to the small details. Hotel maintenance and management bring various peculiarities, but there is a minor risk of disruption when the manager caters to the basics. One of the essential things in hotel management is aesthetics, but where does hotel furniture fit in the frame? 

The hotel furniture includes a crucial aspect of hotel aesthetics value; guests can see, touch, and feel the furniture products while entering the hotel. Thus, it is the responsibility of the hoteliers to manage hotel furniture perfectly. When the furniture maintenance is perfect, it provides a comfortable ambiance and increases lifespan. This article offers valuable insights and tips for maintaining hospitality furniture and taking your game to the next level. 

Tips to Maintain and Care Hotel Furniture 

There are a few things that hoteliers need to keep in mind to help them maintain furniture in good condition and keep guests happy. 

1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

A thorough cleaning and maintenance routine will keep the furniture in pristine condition for longer. Also, vacuum and dust removal keep the surface clean and remove dust and debris. Use cleaning products that are specially manufactured to remove spills or stains quickly. Keep in mind that different materials need different cleaning and maintenance routines. However, the wooden and metal pieces must be cleaned with varied surface cleaning fluids and cloths to maintain a proper look. Also, it is advised that outdoor wooden furniture is finely sanded and treated with a suitable varnish or lacquer every 12 months. 

2. Keep It Moisturized

The wooden hotel furniture must be kept moist, but the hospitality furniture is not provided by water and can’t be cleaned with a wet rug. But, you need to select professional furniture essential oil that includes natural orange oil, quickly soaked by wooden material that will lock the moisture in the wood, prevent wood cracking deformation, and nourish the wood simultaneously. From the outside and inside, the custom casegood manufacturer ensures the enhancement of the furniture.

3. Purchase Durable Products

Purchasing high-quality products seems familiar; some are surprised to learn how many hotel chains purchase affordable hotel furniture to save money in the short - -term. Quality furnishing doesn’t cost a fortune, but it is worthwhile to inquire which brand will stand the test of time. The hoteliers should remember that furniture is highly used in hotels rather than in hotels. Hotels are less likely to face fewer complaints and negative feedback by picking high-quality products that provide the utmost comfort.

One approach to surety about durability is to choose hotel Casegoods Manufacturers in the USA. This way, the hoteliers and the hotel have more access to the design process, visibility on the quality control approach being taken, and shorter lead times. So, it is resolved and replaced quickly if it faces any issues. 

4. Invest in Protective Measures

Employ protective approaches to minimize injury caused by heavy usage. So, consider using furniture glides or pads below the chairs and table legs to avoid scratching or scuffing floors. Use secured covers or throws for upholstery to protect from stains, spills, and excess wear while not in use.

5. Keep Written Maintenance Policy

The teams keep changing, so it is crucial to maintain written documentation on assembling new furniture, fixing general problems, and properly cleaning different surfaces. Nowadays, most furniture comes with make indications and is held on hand for new hires or moving staff members who need to gain experience with the purchased furniture. 

Lastly, ensure that you document how to clean the furniture properly. If you accidentally use bleach-based solutions on wood grain furniture, the item can be permanently damaged and need instant replacement. 

6. Care Furniture Properly

For each surface, separate steps must be taken. Wood furniture, for example, will last longer when it is kept away from sunlight, windows, and heating or cooling systems. If you place lamps or phones on a wooden table, rotate them regularly. This will prevent the table from becoming discolored. Add felt to the bottom of any item placed on a wooden surface to avoid scratches.

Leather and upholstery also do better away from sunlight and may require special cleaners to remove stains. Keep in mind that fabrics and treatments can require different cleaning.

7. Rotation and Redistribution

To distribute the load equally, implement a rotation and redistribution regime for furniture in high-traffic zones. Rearranging seating and moving furniture around can reduce wear and prolong the life of furniture.

8. Avoid Hard Scratches

It is best to avoid using sharp cleaning tools on the furniture while the hotel staff cleans. To protect the surface of solid furniture from marks and wires, it is crucial to avoid letting metal objects or other sharp items collide with them.


Implementing this technique ensures that their high-quality furniture products remain in impeccable situations and withstand the intense demands of a busy schedule in a challenging environment. Maintaining the hotel furniture will take effort, but these expert tips from Sara Hospitality extend its lifespan and assist in offering a guest experience. So, start implementing this technique today and see the difference today.