How to Choose the Best Sectional Sofa for Your Hotel?

Sara Hospitality | Oct 12, 2023

Sectional lounge chairs (Sofa) are huge, adjustable, padded couches with sufficient seating to fit the entire family to say the least. They are comprised of interlocking couch parts, so they can be gathered in a wide range of shapes and sizes to impeccably accommodate your space and seating needs for your hospitality designs. Peruse on for more data about sectional sizes, types, and how to pick the best sectional couch for your hotel & hospitality space.

 What to Consider?

The Size of Your Space 

The main thought when purchasing a sectional for a lounge is the size of your space. While a sectional is an incredible to maximize seating, it shouldn't disturb traffic stream or overpower the remainder of your furnishings and decor. Before you shop, look at our aide on the best way to gauge for a sectional couch to guarantee you realize what size sectional will fit best in your hotel motel or any space.


Realizing how much space you have is additionally critical with regards to conveyance – you would prefer not to buy the ideal sectional just to not be able to fit it through the entryway!

Sectional Shape

The biggest conceivable sectional layout isn't generally the best one for your entertaining necessities. Attempt to pick a sectional layout choice that can serenely oblige you, your hotel & home, and several guests – deciding on a bigger sectional than you need can be a costly utilization of important space. Underneath, we diagram the most well-known sectional layout choices and their seating facilities.

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  • L-Shaped:

These sectionals are comprised of one huge, a few seat couch and a neighboring one-to two-seat loveseat or footrest that meet up at a corner to frame a L shape. Couch chaises fall under this class. L-formed sectionals are probably the littlest and generally famous of the sectional orientations. These sectionals can fit cozily toward the side of a space to confront a television or coffee table and are magnificent for more modest spaces. 

  • U-Shaped:

The huge, three-to five-seat couches of U-shaped sectionals are flanked by two outward confronting arms. Normally one arm is a one-to two-seat loveseat and the other is a one-to two-man stool. Since the subsequent arm juts into the room, U-molded sectionals will in general feel somewhat bulkier than L-formed sectionals, so they're greatly improved appropriate for bigger spaces or open formats. U-shaped formats energize discussion and pair superbly with a coffee table, as their seating encompasses a central space. 

  • Curved:

Portrayed by one long, internally twisting couch, bended sectionals can situate somewhere in the range of four to ten people. The delicate twisting shape makes it somewhat hard to put a bended sectional against a wall, however these proclamation pieces stagger when they are put in the center of a room around a round coffee table. However bended sectionals aren't ideal for more modest spaces, they are great representations of practical magnificence. 


The customization of sectional couches doesn't stop with shape – you can pick the positioning too.

  • Left- and Right-Facing:

When seeing L-shaped sectionals, you'll see these expressions – left-facing and right-facing – which refer to the arm position when seeing it head on. When you know where you need to put your sectional, restricted down your inquiry to the positioning that works best with the layout of your lounge.

  • Reversible:

The more limited arm of these frequently L-shaped sectionals can be moved from one finish to the next to change the sectional from left-looking over to right-facing (or the other way around) effortlessly.

  • Symmetrical:

In case you're keen on buying a sectional, you can pick a symmetrical positioning that has distending arms of equivalent length. Symmetrical positioning are extraordinary at bringing together a room's plan or hospitality designs and will in general give more seating than awry options.

  • Modular:

While a few sectionals arrive in a preassembled shape, you can regularly redo your ideal design using the parts below. Modular sectionals furniture permit you to blend and match parts to make the format and orientation you need. These styles are incredible for benefiting from one household furniture.


When assembling a modular sectional, give close consideration to left-and right-facing pieces to ensure you end up with a durable design and positioning. 

Additional Features


At least one of the seats on these couches lean back, changing your sectional from a spot for discussion to an unwinding relaxation spring.


These sectionals can be changed from a guest arrangement over to a resting (sleeping) arrangement, either by pulling a bed build out of the sectional establishment or by leveling the rear of the couch into a mattress. 


When you have a size and style of sectional chose, it's an ideal opportunity to think about the upholstery. Sectionals arrive in a wide assortment of textures and shadings. Need a material that confronts tacky hands, messy paws, or something else life tosses its direction? For a top to bottom glance at all the distinctive upholstery textures' qualities and advantages, look at our ff&e hospitality.