How to Choose Right Case Goods Vendor For your Hotel or Motel Business?

Sara Hospitality | Oct 13, 2023

Choosing the appropriate type of supplier entirely depends on the hotel's requirements. Usually, the hoteliers viewed acquiring hotel or restaurant supplies as a support function. Due to this, consistent purchasing goes more than online, logging into supplier websites, and buying hotel stuff. Recently, the hotel casegoods manufacturer received minimal emphasis and recognition for their role in achieving profit objectives and goals. 

However, in larger hotels, the number of rooms and buying cost is enormous. So, a more conventional approach adopted to control costs happens after supplies reach the property, not necessarily before the point. Many hoteliers in the hotel business are always concerned about prices, quality, purchasing, working with suppliers, creating a budget, and understanding a particular market. Today, the hotel manager recognizes the need to maximize value for lodging property and guests. The hotel suppliers are no longer considered a straightforward matter of ordering hospitality casegoods the economic and operational benefits of working with hotel suppliers are too great to disregard.  

Each hotel business has varied standards for selecting a supplier in the hospitality industry. This blog provides a general guideline that will enable you to decide while choosing a supplier. 

Pick the Right Supplier

Below we listed some valuable guidelines you need to follow if you want to get the best and most reliable suppliers, ensuring high-quality products. 

1. Define Value as a Significant Concern

The hospitality managers must understand the direct relationship between hotel suppliers and the value received. This value is defined when managers try to quantify every element value. Usually, the components are a mixture of qualitative and quantitative properties. 

However, according to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) - value is a systematic study of the function of a product or system for search unnecessary cost that is eliminated without impairing the capacity of the product to perform as needed. The ISM recommends that the product's function is researched before determining value. The value of cost is understood and divided into essentials and non - essentials. Every professional hotelier will have a different value definition based on business experience and target markets. 

2. Choose Suppliers with Amazing Prices and Good Quality

Before anything, be evident that a great price does not necessarily means a low price. For instance, furniture A may be cheaper than furniture B, but A needs to improve its efficiency one day, but furniture B's supply last longer. The cost difference between them may be in rupees, but the superior quality of furniture B will make it more cost-efficient. Therefore, picking a premium quality product is always beneficial in the long - term. At the same time, you should only spend up to your budget on hotel casegoods suppliers. Search for the manufacturer that will simultaneously meet your budget and provide a quality product. 

3. Consistent Quality

The hospitality casegoods manufacturer should ensure supplying consistent quality products. Providing a constant quality product is essential, especially in the hospitality industry. You must ensure that each piece of furniture is supplied without defects - customers associate poor quality with inadequate services. Even one bad customer experience can affect the bottom line of a business. 

4. Local Suppliers

For purchasing hospitality casegoods, you should select local suppliers. So, always prefers suppliers who are located in the country. Buying furniture products from international suppliers comes with risk. International laws are not obliged to follow local regulations and rules. Even if you can’t claim that the product is defective, if you purchased a product from a local supplier, there is a high chance of recovering money. 

Thus, choosing local suppliers will offer the best prices on the products; They don’t have to be required to import products beyond regional boundaries. Due to this, they will offer products at a reduced price. 

5. Build Connections With Suppliers

You can get hotel suppliers by making and leveraging relationships with suppliers. You can build a strong connection if you have suppliers who have sent you quality products for a long time. For instance, you can invite them to stay and develop a relationship that goes more than being transactional. Else, you can take references for new vendors from friends and families. If you have selected any suppliers, check for referrals and testimonials and get an accurate image of their performance. 

6. Prioritizing Customer Needs

As said earlier, quality is always the primary concern when you begin the hotel business. It is highly relevant as losing quality can cost you even more money than you tried to save. For that, it is essential to prioritize customer requirements. The guest will always deserve the best and ensure they get it correctly. It encourages customers to revisit to experience the ambiance. So, when you buy hotel supplies, try to look through your guest's eyes rather than yours. It will bring drastic alterations to your business. 

7. Keep Track of All Your Suppliers in One Place

Your hotel suppliers are easily managed with the help of the Property Management System. However, managing each hotel stream individually incurs cost and take time. With the support of PMS, you can smoothly maintain records of the departments. Even you can track the hotel supplies in one place. 


With these tips, you will select suitable hotel suppliers for your business. The business depends on hotel supplies for amenities, rooms, and other guest experiences. Keeping these supplies on track will ensure that your hotel will provide the utmost satisfaction to the guest. Sara Hospitality is one of the leading companies in hotel supply management.