How to Care Leather Furniture : Maintaining your Hotel Furniture

Sara Hospitality | Oct 18, 2023

The correct maintenance of hospitality furniture is crucial for its durability. The constant use of furniture without proper care will reduce its natural properties and causes it to dry out. The furnishing, especially leather, requires good care to prevent cracking and ensure it last long. Cleaning the hotel furniture would make the leather more robust and enhance its useful life. Also, it will improve the pigmentation of leather furniture and make it more comfortable.

Leather furniture offers a long-lasting look, is easy to maintain, and has a timeless appearance. It also provides optimum value for the buyer. It needs adequate care, like keeping it away from sun exposure, cleaning it with a clean cloth and using of leather protector to enhance its comfort and avoid the cost of replacing it without being damaged. It has a constant temperature, which makes it appropriate for hot and cold weather, suitable for the hospitality industry. 

Maintenance Tips for Leather Furniture

The key to maintaining the leather appearance is preventative care. So, the tips for maintaining leather hospitality furniture are the following:

1. Wiping Down Regularly

The leather furniture should be clean after a few rounds of vacuuming. So, it is for you if you want to take things up to mark or are a neat freak. All you need is clean cloth. It is a fantastic approach to removing body grease and perspiration. Start by cleaning down leather furniture thoroughly with a damp cloth. Be careful about areas where the head, hands, and feet come in contact. It is due to the grease from bodies that can attract dirt and cause discoloration with time. Only use cleansers given by hospitality furniture manufacturers and are safe for furniture. But wiping using a clean and damp cloth is the safest option for caution.

2. Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight for a more extended period can cause damage to any furniture, but leather furniture is susceptible to heat damage. Remember that leather is the skin of an animal, and when you suffer from skin damage, it will damage leather furniture too. To keep furniture from drying out, avoid placing furniture near windows, heating vents, and under skylights. 

3. Say No to Water, Solvents, and Chemicals

One of the leading and most common mistakes people make is using excess water and soap to clean leather furniture. It is highly recommended not to use solvents as they fragment the leather surface and quickly start cracking up. However, bleach, water, and other liquid material will harm leather furniture. If a stain does not vanish with a dry cloth, use minimum water to clean the surface and wipe it when dry. 

4. Vacuum Regularly

A vacuum is the best option to clean and neat the furniture. You only need a feather duster and a perfect vacuum cleaner. Regularly vacuuming leather furniture will do wonders to maintain the pristine leather condition. So, keeping away the dirt, harsh particles, and dust away from the leather surface will allow you to enhance its useful life. You can see a vacuum impact within a week and a small price to pay for salvation. 

5. Keep Pets Away

Leather furniture is safe in the home even with your pets, but ensure that pets will not chew toys and scratch over cushions. The pet's claws can scratch the leather. But, if it happens, you can buff off the scratches using a dry microfiber cloth. 

6. Moisturize Regularly

Constant moisturization of leather furniture is the best method to prevent it from cracking over time. The leather material has organic oils, and moisturizing with leather conditioner every six months is sufficient to maintain it in pristine condition in the future. However, before watering leather furniture, it is crucial to use the correct type of fabric to softly massage the moisturizer into the leather. Conditioning of leather regularly will prevent material from drying out and building ugly cracks. So, pick a mild polish rather than a harsh one and sell one.

7. Ask for Professional Assistance

Remember that leather material is not for an experiment, so if any stains are tough to remove, ask for professional help. The professionals are proficient in properly cleaning leather and applying the cream to make it a fresh new piece. 

8. No Lazing Around

If kids or anyone spills or smothers on leather material, quickly grab a clean and damp cloth and wipe it. Otherwise, it doesn't smell good later on and starts to rot. 


Leather is expensive, prized for its durability, and it adds sophistication to any hotel decoration. But, without its proper maintenance, it becomes grimy and starts looking dull. So, taking care of it as early as possible is always better. If you still need clarification, ask hospitality furniture manufacturers for help.