Hotel CaseGoods Upgrade: Essential Things to Know

Sara Hospitality | Dec 16, 2023

Innovation and elegance are the two leading elements of interiors in the hotel business. But, when it comes to hotel goods, beauty and design are not the only things to consider for sustaining in a busy atmosphere. Thus, what does custom hotel furniture need to survive in the long haul of limitless use and rearrangement? Before ping into depth, it is better to get a deep understanding of case goods and things to consider for upgrading. 

What are Hotel Casegoods?

Casegoods are furniture pieces that are built with interior compartments for storage. It is an American English word that means “wooden furniture designed for storage like cupboards and chests of drawers, etc. Usually, casegood refers to the furniture prepared using hard materials like wood, plastic, glass, or other materials. Sometimes, the casegood refers to commercial furniture like sideboards and beds, which is used in hotels and hostel accommodations.  

However, the hotel casegood has one standard thing panel. These panels come in varied sizes and shapes and are quickly installed at the top, sides, and bottom. 


Things to Consider While Choosing Hotel Casegoods

It is vital to remember that custom-made hotel furniture is crucial for hotel guests. It helps the hoteliers to define their ambiance and elevate their space. Some of the crucial things to consider while buying hotel case goods:

1. Style and Design

Stylish and smooth case goods will always be the right choice. A piece with contemporary design, unique change, and surprising functionality will add more to the room. It creates a great impression on the visitor's mind. You can’t choose the pieces based on a design that is not durable, but some other case goods look trendy and stylish. 

2. Custom Casegoods

Custom case goods will elevate your hotel appearance, and also it will add utility to a piece. For instance, if you create more storage space in the dresser, it is multi-functional and convenient for the guest. Moreover, you should think beyond style and trends and determine its durability. Nothing will create a wrong impression that hotel guests will be damaged or broken casegoods. So, ensure yourself while purchasing any of the products. 

The next thing is to align the case goods with brand style and guest preference, and if you know the guest's choice, then creating a balance between class and resilience is a simple task. Even hoteliers can choose eco-friendly by using recycled laminate. With customized furniture, you can select materials according to your preference, and the designs will add more functionality. 

3. Functionality

The hotel owners need to ensure that case goods will meet the functional requirements of the visitor. It will offer you added storage, comfort, and convenience. For example, consider elements like hidden storage space, space-saving design, and charging stations. 

4. Cost - Effective

Personalization is only sometimes budget-friendly, but you can trun it into one. Offering custom furniture pieces for the guest doesn’t mean that you go overboard. There are numerous ways through which you can minimize the cost. So, choose the more economical material. For example, low-pressure laminate is cheaper than high - pressure thus, use whatever is suitable in vertical space. Instead of wood, use veneer, as it is cheap and doesn’t swell like solid wood. Even the veneer is water-resistant. Thus, it is easy to clean and even low-maintenance. 

Moreover, keeping things within budget doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality. If a specific piece needs an expensive material, then you can go with it and cut down the elements, which is less crucial. 

5. Sustainability

You need to consider the environmental impact on the case goods. Choose sustainable and environmentally - friendly materials, which becomes an attractive selling point for eco-friendly conscious guests. 

6. Technology Integrated Furnishings

No guest or visitor wants to see tangled cables or wires in a room. They need advanced and connected furniture with smooth charging options. The innovative cabinets, like touch panels, will add versatility in the bedroom; even the tiny fridge, bars, and shelf extension are a great way to increase the guest experience. 

7. Comfort

As hotel owners, ensure that your guests are comfortable, which must be their top priority. So, while considering different furniture styles, go with the pieces that will provide a comfortable experience to the guest. The guest room furniture should have all the best quality pieces that offer complete comfort and create no hindrance in their stay. Choose mattresses with high coil and thick pillow tops. 

8. Supplier Selection

It is wise to choose a reliable hospitality furniture manufacturer for your case goods. Before finalizing, it is better to research their track record and ask for references and custom reviews. Ask for samples or visit their showrooms to evaluate the quality and finish of their products. 


By carefully evaluating these hotel case goods factors, you can make informed decisions while buying case goods. It will enhance the guest experience and align with your hotel's vision and branding. If any hotel owners are looking to install quality casegood in their space, then Sara Hospitality would be the ultimate choice. We have a wide variety of products, and our range will depict innovation in style. Our company always focuses on designs, durability, and the possibility of transition in the hoteliers' business.