Hospitality Furniture Care: How To Clean Table Tops

Sara Hospitality | Oct 18, 2023

A Tabletop is an attractive element in hospitality furniture because the food is served on it and should be neat and clean. Every guest loves a clean table and enjoys delicious meals. Due to the clean tabletop, the food does not look pleasing, but it makes the whole experience attractive, healthy, and clean. But, sometimes, cleaning a tabletop becomes challenging and depends on the material type. 

Recently, many people have been in a dilemma about cleaning table tops correctly without affecting material quality. So, in this blog, we discover what you need to do to clean table tops perfectly and keep tabletops clean, fresh, and long-lasting. 

Things to Consider While Cleaning Table Tops

We have compiled a list of crucial things while cleaning tabletops. 

1. Brush/Dust Your Table

No matter what material your tabletop is made of, a large quantity of dust will accumulate quickly. So, in that situation, it becomes important to dust it off before choosing any cleaning method. However, cleaning the tabletop is simpler and easier than other hospitality furnitureFew materials like bamboo lights do not have space to collect debris and dust. Even you can easily use soft brushes or duster to wipe out dust from its surface. 

Furthermore, feather dusters are a great option to easily clean the dust off your table surface. If you have a portable vacuum cleaner, then it is best. Ensure to choose the dusting brush tool for vacuum cleaning, and do not forget to keep its lowest level to prevent any damage. 

2. Apply Soap

Still, if you find any dust after cleaning with a brush, use soap and water. To prepare cleaning solutions, you can mix any best soaps with water. Then add the solution to the spray bottle and shake it well before use. The reason if using soap is that it doesn’t contain strong cleaners or acidic components, which is common in the market. Also, few people choose hand-cleaning soap for cleansing as it is mild and protects tabletop material. You can even directly spray the mixture directly onto the table. 

3. Use a Sponge or Cloth

For cleaning, use a soft sponge or cloth that does not cause any marks and scratches and doesn’t put extreme pressure on the surface. After cleaning the table and leaving stains, you can replay the mixture. Apply an extra layer to remove tough stains and clean the tabletop again. 

4. Let it Dry

After you finish the cleaning task, it’s time for drying. It would help if you didn’t use the table until it becomes completely dry, as some of the water particles on the surface can lead to stains and damage. If you want a long life for your furniture, you should allow it to breathe for some time in fresh air. If you have a question about when you can use the table again, it completely depends on the weather conditions. The table top will dry in a few minutes after cleaning it with liquid solutions. After that, you can touch the surface and decide whether it is dry. And, if there are no fluid particles and freely use the table. 

5. Clean the Stains

If the table tops have excessive and large stains, you can’t avoid them; otherwise, they look bad however, the best approach to prevent any furniture from stains than clean them immediately. Firstly, the material will absorb the liquid, and it will not have any marks of spills. 


Now, you know the tips to clean and protect the table tops. Our hospitality furniture manufacturers will be designed to last and ensure warranty. However, these considerations are vital if you want that table top to remain clean and damaging. If you want to know more about bespoke hotel furniture and items, contact Sara Hospitality today.