Hospitality Furniture Buying Guide: Where do US hotels buy their furniture from?

Sara Hospitality | Oct 11, 2023

Being a furniture buyer in today's hospitality industry can be a daunting task. With a variety of options in the market, there are various steps to finalize the vendor, adhere to compliances, and meet internal deadlines. Avoiding these can lead to unnecessary mistakes that buyers make while finalizing the furniture manufacturer and purchasing new items for their hospitality facility. 

Know the Manufacturer

The most frequent mistake buyers make is not knowing the furniture manufacturers' background, specialization, portfolio, and sometimes it's not even sure that they have a facility to manufacture furniture. It can be possible that you're talking to an intermediary and might just get conned by a commission agent. It is always recommended to request past project details, outcomes, and talk to a few of the clients of the manufacturers. If your budget permits, you can also visit the factory and inspect the furniture in the facility. This is a one time job and will prevent future headaches if there are any trust concerns. 


Be part of the Process: Monitoring the Progress

If you want a project to be 100% successful, you need to be part of the process. In fact, the buyer's job doesn't end by signing a cheque. The buyers should request production and inspection reports from the manufacturer or supplier and ensure that production is on schedule and does meet the design quality standards. Best constant monitoring, you can save time and cost of the project. You should always have a point of contact at the manufacturing hub, and someone should address any production issues the custom furniture manufacturing is facing.  With constant delegation and project management, it can help you to create a long-lasting relationship and ensure the best in class execution. 

Packaging Matters

The most critical part of the order is the packaging and shipping of the furniture. The buyer needs to get in the process and give detailed information for labeling boxes, crates, and make sure that each product is marked with detailed information about the product, handling charges, and shipping. A single error in labeling can cause dozens of problems to various people in the supply chain process.  

Also ensure that the manufacturer packages the furniture in such a way that it can travel miles and face various weather conditions in the process. If the furniture is being shipped abroad, make sure you have all licenses, permits, freight details, and insurance, so that the shipment passes through customs without any hassles.  

Top hotel chains and hospitality mammoths have a buying department at the corporate office which establishes the guidelines of the hotel furniture. The department takes recommendations from the supply department. No hotel chain goes to the local furniture to get the entire hotel's fixtures. Furniture from China is also famous, but the shipping cost and handling mostly leads to failed shipments. There are various hospitality manufacturers based out of the United States of America. Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most recommended places to get your hospitality furniture. You can get various dealers and manufacturers as well as visit their facilities to fulfill your requirements. If you're looking for a business trip before buying furniture or fixtures, you should definitely visit Atlanta, Georgia and make the right decision. 

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