Guide to Specifying Hotel Laminate Casegoods

Sara Hospitality | Oct 13, 2023

If you are a hotel owner, then you must be aware of the fact that the appearance of the hotel matters. The guest who visits the hotel is not only fond of services but also attracted to the hotel's casegoods. The hotels are built on giant spaces and with it ask for renovation after a specific time, and it depends on other factors. Like how frequently the room is used, the hotel's look, the updated room design, and how much budget you have for renovation.

Budget is always a matter of concern for hotel owners. But what if we can tell you that it is an affordable solution, and you can renovate each hotel surface without even burning a hole in your pocket? Here we are talking about laminate hospitality casegoods. It is versatile, pocket-friendly, easy to install, and replaceable over time.  

In this blog, we explore how the perfect hospitality casegood dictated by guests and the future of furniture pieces as trendy in hospitality change. 

What are Hotel Casegoods?

Mostly, the hotel casegoods share one common component, which will vary in size and shape, and it can be anything like or top, button, side, back, door, drawer, panel, etc. 

What is Laminate for Hotel Casegoods?

A material that dates back more than a century and requires many upgrades, then lamination hotel casegoods go further without making a hole in the pocket. It is designed similarly and feels like other materials commonly used in furniture manufacturing, but a lamination is a cost-effective option for achieving an appeal in hospitality FF&E. 

However, 100% natural manufactured products lamination cost is less than using natural fibers and provides various benefits like:

  • Scratch resistance
  • Durability
  • Heat protection

Why is Casegood Important?

Casegood helps define a room's true meaning, and it further leads to defining hotel guests' overall experience. If the casegoods are attractive, undamaged, and easy to use, it can create a beautiful moment for guests. If the hotel's casegood is not appealing, it will take away the guest's experience. Thus, selecting the correct type of casegood for the hotel is crucial as it plays a key role in customer satisfaction. 

Each unique piece will reflect the hotel; brand, so it should be aesthetic and manufactured with intention. The hotel casegood will match the overall style and design of the room. It should seamlessly fit into the experiences of a visitor's mind. 

Things to Specify About Lamination Casegood Order

While working with a hospitality furniture company to design laminate casegoods, there are some essential things to share. Besides the manufacturer-specific requirements, you should provide your manufacturer with the following details about the order:

1. Basics

With any hotel FF&E order, there is some helpful information your manufacturer needs about laminate casegoods, including:

  • Budget
  • Delivery partner
  • Casegood dimensions
  • Order size
  • Contact details
  • Project deadline
  • Installer

Besides basics, it is also important to share for what purpose the casegood is required to use. For example, ordering a desk is simple, but there is a difference in the level of use, like when it is placed in the room and lounge. 

2. Finish

When it comes to talking about finishing, it is similar to paints. There are various laminate finishes are available, and some names are common with paints like:

  • Smooth
  • Matte
  • Gloss

However, the laminates go beyond surface-level appearance and come in various textures that will highlight the material used in furniture manufacturing, including:

  • Metallic
  • Scraped
  • Leather
  • Wood

3. Hardware and Accents

Accents and hardware both need a level of specificity from your manufacturer. The furniture components can bring improved functionality to the piece and enhance its look that easily blends with the rest of the space. However, it is better to discuss suitable accents and hardware with the manufacturer for a smooth installation. It helps you to enhance the functionality and appearance of the hotel look. 

4. Color

In the past, lamination came in different colors, typically muted solids. But, now it offers vast choices of colors as there is on the paint swatch wall and hardware store. If you have a specific color in mind, then be sure about its code and tell your manufacturers to get a similar match. 

5. Laminate Grade

It comes in two grades, i.e., high and low pressure. Each one will be suited to different applications. If hotel owners need durability, then high-pressure laminates are used in the application and see lots of other uses. However, the low-pressure or melamine board is used for decoration, but it offers a different level of impact resilience than HPL. 

6. Laminate Brand

For boasting cost - effectiveness, longevity, and ROI, laminate is popular for hotel casegoods. Different laminate manufacturers' choices are available in the market, and each has its specialty and benefits. 

7. Technology

Casegood functionality has evolved as modern guest room furnishing serves multiple purposes. Every hotel's casegood piece is outfitted with custom lighting elements like Bluetooth speakers to create ambiance. Additionally, integrated outlets and USB ports have become a standard component, in many casegoods, for device charging. 


It is entirely upon the hotel owners to choose suitable materials for the renovation and refurbish the hotel. But lamination of hotel casegood is never a regrettable option. However, Sara Hospitality manufacturers provide a variety of hospitality furniture for different places like hotels, resorts, businesses, and many more.