Five Premium Materials for Crafting High-End Hotel Furniture

Sara Hospitality | Nov 29, 2023

In the hotel industry, hospitality furniture plays a significant role. The hotel industry furniture does not play the sit and sleep; it acts as a silent spokesperson for the hotel’s identity. The furniture prepares the heart of hotel offerings, appearance, and comfort to guests. From the magnificence of the luxury suite to the appealing ambiance of the comfortable lobby, hotel furniture intertwines with the visitor experience, which leaves an enduring on their memory. 

Have you been surprised by what material is used for crafting high-end hotel furniture pieces?


From the chair's strong frame to the table's soft surface, each material will serve a specific purpose. The needful choice of material is art, as it creates balance and durability with design, sophistication, and sustainability. However, only some materials are necessary to achieve a luxury concept that will likely remain longer than usual. This time, in this blog, we will elaborate on a few crucial materials that are used in hospitality industry furniture manufacturing. 

Premium Materials Used in Crafting High-End Hotel Furniture

The hospitality furniture manufacturer has vast materials to optimize solutions for designers and hoteliers in any project. 

1. Upholstery Work

Upholstery material is the quintessence of comfort and category, bringing tactual luxury to every touchpoint. Smooth and attractive, fabric-clad furniture provides guests with a cocoon of relation. Its wide variety of surfaces, designs, and colors proposes everlasting opportunities for customization, offering that the furniture matches the desired taste. Whether it’s a plush armchair or an attractive sofa, fabric-covered furniture pieces contribute to an enlightened atmosphere that appeals to visitors to relax. The hotels will prioritize guest comfort and strive to build an atmosphere of luxury, normally turning to upholstery material, which adds a layer of luxury to their interiors.

2. Engineered Wood and Veneer

Engineered wood is a substitute for hardwood. It includes MDF (a famous material in hotel furniture), chipboard, and plywood. For clarification, processing organic wood results in engineered wood materials. Due to this advanced technology, engineered wooden performance is amazing. Above all, one leading benefit of its customization. Everything will be customized to suit designs and functional needs, from area toughness to duration. As an output, hospitality furniture manufacturers have more flexibility with engineered wood, especially MDF. 

Also, engineered wooden mixes with a veneer provide a natural look. The veneer is prepared from sliced pieces of timber. It accompanies grain and color on wood to any engineered wood materials. Furthermore, the veneer will resist water absorption in moist conditions due to chemical steps in manufacturing. It makes this mixture durable for hotel furniture. 

3. Hardwood

 Usually, it is the primary material in making custom hotel furniture with a long history. Hardwood or strong wood furniture has prepared living spaces conveniently for years, and each functional element is fundamentally durable with solid wood. From artists to vast factories, Hardwood Element brings highly qualified hospitality furniture. Thus, hardwood is the leading element in the rise of the furniture industry and hotel furniture. 

However, the reduced natural wooden resources lead to enhanced prices and harmful effects. It becomes costly to cause cost inefficiency in production. Only some hotel furniture aspects relate to the luxury segment; manufacturers always focus on streamlining production costs. 

4. Leather

Leather will streamline an inseparable place in exclusive hotel interiors, symbolizing durability, luxury, and comfort. It is a different fragrance, and a flexible touch of leather furniture gives an instant feeling of sophistication. Leather-clad pieces, whether sofas, ottomans, or lounge chairs, create an environment of luxury that matches guests' desiring experiences. Besides its visual appearance, leather's strength to wear and tear offers durability, which makes its investment pay off in the long run. Leather furniture will find its home in hotels offering a high-end experience and needs to produce the continuing look of refinement. 

5. Metal

Metal is an amazing and robust material heavily used in the hotel industry. Unlike wood, metal furniture is not used as the primary material in creating furniture pieces because of its toughness. Instead, the shape of furniture pieces proffered metals like steel, bars, and aluminum. Due to this, hotel furniture is stylish and durable. In the history of the furniture industry, metal has dramatically contributed to furniture styles. In short, metal created remarkable periods as the development of the steel industry, especially for art decoration. 

6. Marble

Furniture manufacturers use marble as an accessory. It is an amazing stone that adds elegance to furniture items. Marble is a stunning natural stone that creates a glamorous finish on furniture. The items can be a dining table, cabinet, or console table. Marble is also beautiful because of its unique texture. Marble is also known for its ability to reflect light. The hotel room with marble furniture will have plenty of light sources to make the room comfortable for guests.

7. Glass

Glass is a powerful design element that brings transparency and reflection into the hotel furniture market. The ability to enhance light and create the illusion of space is priceless. This is especially true in small spaces. Glass accents and tabletops add a touch of sophistication to a space. The versatility of glass extends to its compatibility with various materials. This enhances the appeal of furniture. Glass furniture can be a great choice for hotels that want to create a modern, open, and visually appealing environment.


The material in the hotel furniture manufacturing sector is crucial to creating design and function for visitors. The purpose is to offer a comfortable and creative alignment with the style of the hotel. As mentioned above, the material is crucial and will be used by normal furniture makers. With Sara Hospitality, a hand-selected furniture collection represents innovation, style, and quality. It promises to create a memorable guest experience.