Factors to Choose While Selecting Hospitality Casegood Manufacturers

Sara Hospitality | Oct 13, 2023

You can see various factors that impact the cost you can consider in the big picture of hospitality casegoods. Thus, in this blog, we cover some factors that you should consider before that make a big difference beyond just price. 

Significant Considerations of Buying Hospitality Casegoods

1. Packaging, Handling, and Shipping

When people decide to purchase new hotel casegoods, usually, people don't think about how handling, packing, and shipping will impactful on the overall cost of the project. Whether your casegoods vendor is from the United States or lives in a foreign nation plays a significant role in your project. However, choose hospitality casegood manufacturers overseas can result in higher handling, packaging, assembly, and freight costs.

Moreover, it is also crucial to consider the lead time of your casegoods depending on the vendor's location. For various years, the global supply chain has been creating delays. Delay times can be double or even triple depending on the commodity and importing stations. 

2. Touch Ups

Even with durable furniture, it is necessary to do paint touch-ups over the years. However, to touch up with similar paint, it needs or easily accessible and safe. Northland uses water-based paints that can be shipped to you for touch-ups quickly and easily. 

If you desire to purchase hospitality casegoods from abroad, then usually, it takes three months if you can get them at all. It is not ideal because touch-ups need to be quick and convenient. 

3. Material Quality and Durability

While purchasing new casegoods for your hotel, resort, and lodge, it is advisable to consider the quality and durability of materials. Considering trendy casegoods options while updating hotel furniture for new space is not unusual. But modern furniture is not made using quality material. 

This happens due to the shift in trends, and the piece will replace sooner rather than later. Nowadays, consumption is unsustainable, especially in the hospitality world. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in furniture and specific materials that will remain long-lasting and timeless and constantly evolve with time. 

4. Manufacturing

While purchasing hospitality case goods manufacturers, it is crucial to consider whether the vendor has a manufacturing facility or not. Choosing a casegoods vendor that will outsource the manufacturing will result in increased production cost, compromise in quality, and lack of service support. When the seller has manufacturing capabilities, you are involved in the process from planning to deployment. 

Besides this, it is crucial to consider the seller's experience years, skilled team, and accreditations. But with in-house experts and designers, you will offer a higher level of transparency and include ad - hoc alterations in the products. 

5. Storage

Many buyers are not considering storage a crucial factor, but it is significant to mention. Storage is a concern if you own a large hotel or resort. If you are changing furniture, then replacing floor wise is necessary. So, you should get help from a vendor that procures and stores them. This may be significant on the material you choose for your casegood. 

You also need to consider materials that better withstand storage for an extended period. 

6. Waste

Shipping and handling often result in a massive quantity of waste. From waste on fuel cost shipping from overseas to packing and shipping supplies used to include hotel casegods. So, waste is a crucial factor to consider.


So, you can see while selecting hospitality casegoods that there are various things to consider. If you are planning to change the furniture of your hotel or resort, contact Sara Hospitality for the best furniture range.