Crafting an Exceptional Hotel Room to Delight Every Guest

Sara Hospitality | Oct 19, 2023

Guest experience is everything for hotel owners. Whether staying in a hotel for a relaxing break or a business trip, they always expect to receive high customer service and comfort. Every guest in a hotel wants to feel special, and this is crucial for your business. So, hoteliers always search for attractive ways to impress guests to encourage visitors to return and positively impact the brand. 

However, the good news is that some amazing approaches help you improve your hotel experience. All changes are to be done within the hotel; just small adjustments like installing custom hotel furniture, lighting, and these changes will go a long way. In this blog, we put a list that can impress hotel guests and make their stay memorable. 

Ways to Create Amazing Hotel Rooms to Impress Guest

Here we outline some basic approaches to creating amazing hotel rooms that will appreciate guests. 

1. Personalize the Experience

The offering of a personalized experience will go a long way, making your guest feel special and valued. So, include technology to personalize communication with guests, like you can use digital concierge services and virtual booking assistance to interact with them. Moreover, train your members to offer guests warm greetings by addressing their names politely. For that, gather information about guests before arrival and use this data to improve their stay. Also, you can offer them customized services like welcome gifts or room decorations as per their choice. It will go a long way in providing a memorable experience for them. 

2. Use Right Hotel Furniture

If you are in the hotel industry, you know the right hospitality furniture's importanceTherefore, the hotel furniture should be stylish, practical, and comfortable. A comfy bed is one of the crucial aspects that will determine a hotel guest's stay. A reputable hotel has the potential to offer a home-like feeling and relaxing sensation. In reality, the hotel guest needs furniture that is functional and convenient to use. A comfortable bed, well-placed desk, and wardrobe will make the room easy to access. If the furniture lacks basic functionality, then the guests will get aggravated. 

3. Lighting

The easiest approach hotels will accommodate guests with lighting is to offer a variety of light sources. Lighting will transform a room and ensure that you have enough lighting to complete the room and look big, inviting, and airy. Some guests like to dim the light at night; thus, it seems attractive to offer dimmer settings. So, it is always to have an installed lamp in each room which is helpful for reading. Many guests like to read books before sleep, and light is useful for that. 

4. Make it Easy to Connect

Every guest wants to connect to the internet during their stay, and most will use hotel Wi-Fi. Thus, anticipate this requirement and make sure the wireless connection is secure and reliable. Usually, in feedback or online reviews, the common complaint is the Wi-Fi connection. So, improve the game by offering a smooth internet connection to the guests. 

Offer various channels to guests to reach you, like specific phone lines and email IDs. Also, train your staff to attend calls promptly and speak with them nicely to resolve issues. Appoint staff to each floor for servicing instant requests in case they can’t consult the lobby. So, make sure employees are available round the clock to take responsibility. 

5. Allow Food Delivery as an Alternative to Room Service

Leaving the hotel to eat is exhausting for a few travelers, but not every visitor is satisfied with the option available through room service. The hotel shows its commitment to guests by allowing them to order food delivered to their rooms via Uber Eats. It is not just pushing their products on guests but also catering to their comfort. It is also a great way to win over guests with dietary restrictions that the hotel cannot always accommodate.

 6. Offer Amenities Free of Charge

It is important to consider the value of your guests' amenities when deciding what to offer. You may be unable to provide many free extras, but you can research what your customers want. Guests may ask questions when they check in, like if your hotel offers breakfast or free Wi-Fi access. Many hotels offer these perks as part of their standard package, regardless of the rate charged.

7. Leverage Technology to Please Hotel Customers

Hotel guests are fascinated by technology, especially when it's for their comfort. Technology is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Automate most hotel processes so your staff can focus on providing personalized service and delighting your guests.

For enhanced guest-facing technology, don't forget a robust hotel management system, check-in apps, menu apps, etc. In the future, the Hospitality Industry will be able to achieve success by utilizing technology efficiently and effectively.


To improve the guest experience in your hotel, you must constantly strive for improvement. You must also put forth the effort necessary to make guests feel comfortable. These tips will help you improve the guest experience in your hotel and make customers happy. If you have a hotel or restaurant and are looking for classic furniture, contact Sara Hospitality. We are the leading seller and hospitality furniture manufacturer in the USA.