7 Ways to Reduce Guest Room Size Without Losing Luxury

Sara Hospitality | Dec 27, 2023

In a market where the real estate industry is flourishing and the perception of the luxury market in the hotel world is shifting, the room size becomes less relevant. The hotel owners are looking to reduce the number of guest rooms without compromising on their luxury and offer complete satisfaction to the guests.  A leading shift towards minimalist design and small-size guest rooms is making the path toward innovative hospitality brands to reduce square feet without changing rooms into walk-in closets. 

To minimize the guest room size and enhance guest room value then, it is better to evaluate the structure of a room quickly. Usually, essential items include natural light, smooth connectivity, comfy beds with high-quality linens, bathrooms with quality amenities, and hotel casegoods. Ultimately, the focus should be on the guest requirements, and other things should become secondary. This article will discover unique ways to reduce guest room space without losing its luxuriousness.


Ways to Decorate Small Size Guest Rooms

By covering essential things along with preserving comfort and aesthetics. Here, we narrow down the list; most are physical savers, and other designing hacks will cultivate the feelings of roominess, even in small spaces. 

1. Declutter

The key to designing a small guestroom is to use the space, ensuring functionality and comfort effectively. The guestrooms are created to make each square foot count. For instance, using hospitality casegoods and innovative storage solutions like luggage space, personal belongings below the bed, and storage space in the closet area.


2. Multi-Use of Space

We can create differences in the bathrooms, but we designed the room in a way that is easily accessed through the bathroom. Enabling the perception of the bathrooms to be grande, the materials and colors are harmoniously tied with the bathroom with the guest room, unlike the classic open bathroom. While clearing the rooms for standard features and designing for multi-purpose solutions, we have doubled the quality, comfort, and aesthetics that create the cut. .

3.  Cut the Closets 

Eliminating closets enables the brand to focus on building smaller rooms with space, which is everything you require. The closets will cover huge spaces, and the guests will not unpack stuff for shorter trips. Thus, by removing closets in favor of open, functional spaces for guests to place their suitcases and hand products, then we can save space and prevent visitors from leaving things behind that happen when they can’t see all of their belongings. The loss of conventional closed closets in favor of high-end, retail-inspired, open wardrobe fixtures enables the guest room to be open. 

4. Widen the Window

There is no secret that natural light will create a sense of space. Various brands are making rooms smaller and considering the opportunities to add more light, especially for new construction, which means more oversized windows. To maximize the usability of the guest rooms and create larger space, the design team will select oversized windows that open the space with natural light. 

5. Thin Is In

The creation of flat TV screens has made it easier for designers to reduce rooms by 50 to 60 square feet without losing a single inch of flooring space. The hotel rooms used to be designed to hold tube TVs as deep as they were tall. Today, TVs are designed to hang on the wall, and often, they are no more profound than an artwork frame, don’t need cabinets to hold them, and enable designers to make rooms up to 24’’ narrower. This type of reduction in the room width can change into significantly smaller rooms than their predecessors. 

6. Optimize the Bed Space

Filling the space below the mattress with storage units is an evident space saver. Includes visible storage by installing hooks on furniture and walls. 

7. Toss the Tub

Another conscious design choice is to make guest rooms feel spacious to eliminate bathtubs for showers only. According to the study, the guests highly prefer showers and long bathtubs. 


In today’s time, it has become essential that guest rooms are well-structured and include all amenities that guests need, like chargers, toiletries, pillows, and other essential items. However, anticipating the guests' needs will retain them in the long term and increase brand awareness. If you want to decorate a small guest room and need the best hotel casegoods, contact Sara Hospitality one of the leading hospitality casegood manufacturers.