6 Kitchen Trends Likely to Catch Your Eye

Sara Hospitality | Oct 19, 2023

When things come about, kithes trends will be a minefield of ideas and innovation. We discuss with the trends professionals and discover the upcoming trends in 2024. A deep understanding of kitchen trends, which play a significant role, helps you stay updated with kitchen remodeling, especially if you plan to remodel from the beginning. After all, directing the world about multiple kitchen furniture trends and other aspects creates confusion, making it difficult to determine which is trending. 

If you are like, who wants to stay updated with kitchen trends, then we saved some time scouring the internet and compiled a list of kitchen trends for 2024. If you are embarking and want to uplift your kitchen, follow the latest trend styles. In this blog, we discover recent kitchen trends that you should follow. 

Latest Kitchen Trends Should Follow to Grab Eye

According to  hospitality furniture and interior design experts, here are the latest kitchen trends you should follow:

1. Choose Natural Materials

Natural colors will be quite popular in upcoming years. Adding other elements like paintings and portraits of tropical landscapes will breathe new life into the kitchen and offer an amazing contrast to a modern and minimalist look. Also, you can decorate kitchen shelves with plants. Currently, plastic completely vanishes, so focusing on using natural elements is crucial. Unpainted wooden kitchen compartments and natural stone countertops are on the top. 

Though wood and marble are popular and people shouldn’t overlook the metals that look great with them. The surface look will be enhanced by using contrasting wood and metal tones. 

2. Social Island

Kitchen Island is always a popular and excellent feature for those seeking extra workspace and storage from its structure. However, what was once a statement workspace has been enhanced to include a social aspect. Like from wo-tier, integrated breakfast bars to normal meal times to banquet seatings, it will optimize your kitchen island and together your special one. 

3. Freestanding Furniture

Many people are moving from traditional to custom hotel furniture for their space. So, This furniture style is the latest trend to watch out for. But, it doesn’t mean that traditional fitted kitchens are going out of style, but there are www freestanding pieces that come in demand. However, with freestanding pieces, the island will still give you the similar feel of furniture and enough storage and place to sit. 

4. Textured Surface

Most new kitchen designs are quite uniform. This means that all surfaces are made of the same material. It is usually due to the cost of kitchen remodeling. However, it can lead to featureless kitchens and layouts that need more color and texture. The kitchen interior design trend for 2023 is a great way to remedy this issue. Combining quality backsplashes, wood, metal, natural stone, and statement lighting creates a highly textured and beautiful design. The sheer variety of materials used allows for a varied design that can still withstand the daily demands of a kitchen.

5. Color it Up

A dramatic change in the color of the walls can transform a space. The latest color palette is vibrant. Burnt oranges and yellows will complement the use of whites and deep blues. Neutrals like grey and white are just as effective if you don't like bright colors.

Next year, we can expect the terracotta style to continue. The baked clay tones and earthy texture will add warmth to any room. The soft colors of white, cream, and mustard complement the terracotta. Green is a natural color that blends in with the world around us. It's a great complement to wood accents and other natural elements. Green is a color that can be easily incorporated into any design scheme. It also creates a calm and relaxing environment.

6. Gadgets Galore

Every year many new and innovative gadgets come into the market, which makes human lives convenient and it offer accessibility. For instance, if your kitchen has many of these creative devices in a seamless high-technology kitchen, it allows you to do work quickly and needs less electricity. Smart LED lighting, Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers, Wi-Fi-capable toasters, multipurpose appliances, and smart fridges are some of the latest devices to enter kitchens. These devices can be controlled via voice assistants or smartphones, so your automated kitchen will run smoothly.


Here are a few kitchen trends that could be popular in 2024. But remember that design trends are always changing, so it's best to pick a style that reflects your tastes and needs. When considering a kitchen renovation, work with a Sara Hospitality design team that can help you create an attractive and functional space.