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Faucets For Bathroom Vanity

Are you looking to make easy updates in your bathroom? Then start with the new bathroom sink faucet from Sara Hospitality. Between teeth brushing and multiple hand washes, your bathroom sink faucet gets a lot of use daily. Pick a bath sink faucet that is not reliable and water-saving but fits within your budget, from single-handle bathroom faucets to wall-mounted faucets in stainless steel or oil-rubbed bronze. We have available various shapes, finishes, and styles you are looking for in bathroom sink faucets.

Pick The Right Configuration Bathroom Sink Faucet

Depending on the project's scope, you may have limited options when selecting the type of bathroom sink faucet for your space. If replacing an existing fixture, you must go to the previously installed kind. If you start from the beginning, you have more wiggle room as long as your bathroom vanity is equipped to handle the desired style. Here are a few options

Centerset: 3-hole configuration, with holes no more than for inches apart.

Wall Mounted: Placed to the wall above the sink for extra counter space and designing statement. This can be 10 to 3-hole sets, depending on the style. 

Single Handle: 1-hole configuration and three holes with the addition of a deck ( a thin plate that covers the extra holes). Also, ADA compliant for easy water flow and temperature control.

Widespread: 3 holes configuration with holes more than four inches apart.

Settle On Stylish Handle Design

After deciding which configuration you need, you can focus on faucets for bathroom design as they enhance the look. If you are changing an existing fixture, choose which is previously installed. However, if you are installing from scratch, you have wiggle room as long as your vanity top is equipped to manage your desired style. Some of the stylish opinions are:

Knob: It is rarely used as it tends to be challenging to grab and twist. But, now knob faucet design will provide a modern look to your bathroom. 
Lever: It comes in single and double-hand designs, and its style is simple, easy to access, and sleek. 
Wrist Blade: It is usually used in commercial areas but works great in residential areas. Its wide wing handles make it easy to use and hard to miss. 
Cross: It is a traditional style that makes a statement on top of being easy to grab and twist. 

Get The Latest Design Faucets For Bathroom Vanity From Sara Hospitality

Update your bathroom vanity today by installing new faucets that change your bathroom's look. Sara Hospitality carries all the latest designs and styles of top brands. So, grab it now.