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A Recognized Leader in the Hospitality Casegood Manufacturer

Our hotel case goods designs are inspired by customer design vision and motivated through collaboration with the design team. With more than ten years of experience as hotel casegoods manufacturers, Sara Hospitality provides a range of hospitality casegoods projects. We ensure that our casegoods will beautifully complement the furniture designs, so we look forward to partnering in the success of your project. 

Casegoods are items that are built with interior compartments for storage. Casegood is an American English term for “wooden furniture designed for storage like cupboards, drawers, chests, etc. It is like a synonym of “case furniture .”Sometimes the casegoods are used to refer to commercial furniture like beds and sideboards used in hotels, dormitories, and student places. 

What is Hotel Casegoods?

Mainly the hotel casegoods share a single common component which can be different in size and shape. However, it can be bottom, top, back, side, door, or drawer like a panel. 

Why is Casegoods so Important in the Hotel Industry?

For any hotel industry, the furniture and its amenities are significant. Thus, hotel casegoods will define the guest experience. If the hotel furniture is modern, aesthetic, and attractive, it will go a long way toward creating an enjoyable environment. If any of the furniture sees damage, is outdated, and has a poor design, it will badly impact visitors' minds. Thus, it is essential to decide and select the right casegoods as they are key aspects of customer satisfaction. 

Another reason it plays a significant role in bringing your hotel brand to life is. Each will play a part in representing your unique hotel brand, so it should be designed and manufactured with a clear mind. Your hospitality casegoods will align with the style and design of the room. It should fit seamlessly into the guest experience. 

What are Hotel Casegoods Made Of?

The hospitality casegoods manufacturers use a variety of different materials. The elements that define and make each design unique are - faces, ores, and edges. Logically, the face is the look of the casegoods color, luster, etc., and it is widely considered the most critical part of casegoods. 

Commonly the materials are real wood veneer, high-pressure laminates, and low-pressure laminates. 

If you can’t decide which material you should use, then Sara Hospitality are here to help you:


  • Solid wood
  • High-pressure laminates
  • Veneer
  • Low-pressure laminates


  • Medium-density fiberboards
  • Plywood
  • Particle board


  • PVC edge banding
  • Solid wood edge
  • Laminate self-edge

What are Guests Looking for?

The pandemic majorly hit the hospitality industry, essentially halting most travel. But now the industry is seeing upticks in trips again. According to World Travel and Tourism Council projects, travel and tourism in the US will reach pre-pandemic levels in 2022 and contribute $2 trillion to the economy. 

As we see more hotel guests will come again, it is essential to consider what they are seeking on their trips:

  • Technology integrated furnishing for smooth device charging and usage.
  • Multifunctional furniture which makes hotel rooms more attractive
  • Natural woods
  • Health and wellness
  • Luxury feelings at an affordable price
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Aesthetic bar look and entertaining centers for guest

Why opt for Custom Hospitality Casegoods?

Custom hospitality casegoods will change the entire look of the hotel and make them unique. It is designed in a way that will meet the needs of guests. Your hotel will provide everything the customer needs at the best price.  

However, to keep your hotel trendy and want to give them a unique look, hospitality casegoods manufacturers in the USA will design from budget to luxury. Like:

  • If you're making hotel luxury, consider wood veneers that provide rich and warm appeal.
  • Rather than dressers that also make room for minibars and refrigerators, collarettes can create a real bar and focus point.
  • Newer laminates include recycled material that can be touted to show environmental responsibility.
  • Opt for veneered or laminated panels, ideal for multifunctional furniture like a combined workspace.
  • You can change the luggage bench into a weight bench so the visitor can exercise conveniently.

The Future of Hotel Casegoods

Hotel casegoods are the only part that creates a delightful and appealing atmosphere for the guests. Also, the custom hospitality casegoods are an essential part that makes hotel rooms unique and designed to meet visitors' needs beautifully and have a unique appeal. 

With time the hospitality casegoods are shifting towards meeting the trends, and hoteliers are using a combination of technology, multifunctional furniture, and innovative designs. However, the hospitality casegood manufacturers in the USA provide hoteliers an advantage in making the transition. 

If you want to modify the hotel casegoods and are still confused, then reach out to Sara Hospitality. We are proficient hospitality casegood manufacturers that provide different furniture for the long-term care facility. We specialize in innovatively designed wood furnishing, which supports various needs like comfort, features, and information to create the best spaces.