Sara Hospitality provides a wide range of fixture and equipments for all uses, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

The moment guests enter your hotel, owners provide comfort and warmth, as though it is truly in “home away from home.” The visitor should feel relaxed, satisfied, and comfortable in every aspect, whether a room, resort, or casino.

Thus, Sara Hospitality provides complete hospitality furniture fixtures and logistic services like on-site installation of new furniture, fixtures and equipment, and transportation. Our company has successfully handled hotel FF&E for hundreds of hospitality and hotel construction projects ranging from small to largest and complex resorts and brands in the industry. 

Our experience with hospitality FF&E includes some international clients and logistics services for hotels and hospitality companies, retail outlets, restaurants, and healthcare. Our trained hotel FF&E installers and technicians provide all our customers with stellar services on time.

Core Elements of Hospitality FF&E Logistics

Transportation Management: Our proactive hotel FF&E/ freight management program and the ability to receive and install your FF&E products everywhere will provide all the transportation information and access to fulfill your hospitality furniture fixtures goals. 

Sequenced Ste Delivery: Sara Hospitality fulfillment professionals facilitate timely delivery of all hospitality equipment, whether direct to the hotel or resort or a local warehouse, in an affordable way. 

Project Management: Our experienced in-house project manager is selected who successfully coordinates through the entire process till the completion of the project. Our professional hotel FF&E installers team will attend to every detail of each room installation and punch list development. 

Hospitality Installation Services: Our installation team has years of experience, professionalism, and respect for others. We ensure to make the process smooth with minimum disruption to management and guests. The services include:

Inventory Management: Hotel FF&E is a considerable investment for any hotel owner. It does not matter whether installing new furniture or managing an existing one; Sara Hospitality aims to provide long-term value to the hotel industry. We can provide inventory management in multiple ways, including purchase order online access. 

Hotel Logistics Management: The successful handling of any FF&E inside a hotel or other hospitality construction project is a significant part of ensuring your guest will write a positive review, refer to the hotel to your friends and come again to enjoy the amenities. The structure and appliances used in the hotel industry will affect occupancy rates while engaging new customers as well as retaining old customers. 

The hotel staff is the frontline workers, but the experience is a kaleidoscope of detail, and it combines to create positive energy and ambiance after the guest enters the hotel. The FF&E quality and condition are part of the equation that drives its perception. Managing and setting up beds, chairs, sofas, desks, and semi-installed furniture like lighting and appliances require an experienced hospitality logistics team. The team is crucial to the initial outfitting of new construction and an ongoing partnership dedicated to creating value. 

FF&E Delivery, Installation & Support

Sara Hospitality provides on-time services and proven operating standards to achieve milestone and quality metrics. Our logistics and transportation process is aligned with the complete, accurate FF&E products. We maintain transparency in each order by setting up a transparent chain of custody, digital documentation, ordering, and tracking information. It is our process includes the project beginning to site delivery. 

A similar process is applied to our FF&E installation service when the product reaches to site. Our management team provides complete accountability and work records which are recorded in detail. This approach is continuously followed throughout the project, including post-install, with the help of ongoing support from our client service representatives. 

Your Only Partner in Designing Hotel Space Beautifully

Furnishing hotels, restaurants, resorts, or motels require much work. From designing the perfect space to searching for hotel furniture, getting approved, packed, and uninstalled on time, it takes time that hotel owners can’t spare. For that, Sara Hospitality is the destination. So, if hoteliers are relocating long distances or locally, our moving network ensures that we can get you to your destination no matter where you are. 

We are a full-service mover, managing everything from packaging, transporting, loading and unpacking. With our FF&E Installation Company, support, and services, the custom furniture and equipment will pass through easy-to-follow charts and matrices. We are always closely working with you from order placement to its completion. 

Contact us if you wish to know more about how we work and anything related to our services. We are happy to assist you and provide you with the logistic support your project needs.


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