Some Trends in Hotel Furniture Design

Sara Hospitality | Oct 19, 2023

Furniture designs are continuously adapting to meet the changing requirements of the guest. From new materials and production approaches to advancement in functionality and sustainability, the future of furniture design is full of exciting possibilities. In the hospitality industry, each detail will matter when offering a fantastic guest experience. 

When guests enter the hotel, the ambiance and design significantly shape their overall impression. Out of other vital components of hotel design, hospitality furniture is a robust tool that conveys style, functionality, and comfort. It will improve the space's aesthetics and improve guest satisfaction and amenity. 

This blog will explore the fascinating world of hotel design and uncover the latest trends shaping the industry. Hoteliers and interior designers will gain inspiration by examining hotel furniture designs' evolution and current trends.

Furniture Design Trends Set to Dominate in the Market

Here are some of the latest designs, trends, and creativity shaping furniture design's future. 

1. Pump Up the Volume

As hotels use brighter colors to create a more exciting and fresh feel, furniture manufacturers are becoming more adventurous. Large splashes of fundamental tones and high volume tones will deliver punchy and different interiors, perfect for ultra-modern hotels, from bold seating in the lobby or upscale cafes to small, bright touches in the guestroom to create an enhanced environment. 

2. Sustainable Materials

With increasing awareness about nature and its impact on the atmosphere or preserving natural resources, many hotels are including eco-friendly and sustainable materials in their furniture. This material will encourage a greener atmosphere and provide uniqueness, enhancing the overall guest experience. For instance, sustainable materials that are included in hotels are:

  • Reclaimed Wood: The wood is restored from old buildings or structures into furniture pieces. This kind of wood provides a unique look and will add character to any space. 
  • Bamboo: A quick-developing and sustainable material perfect for building furniture pieces like headboards, chairs, and nightstands. 
  • Recycled Plastic: A durable and sustainable material perfect for building outdoor furniture like chairs, tables, and other lounge furniture.

3. Minimalist Furniture Design

Minimalist furniture design is another trend that has gained immense popularity. Clean lines, neutral colors, and simple shapes characterize this hospitality furniture design. However, minimalist furniture designs aim to create practical, functional, and appealing pieces without being flashy. One of the leading benefits of minimalist furniture designing is allows hotel owners to create a calm and pleasing atmosphere. These simple and chic pieces will help reduce stress and promote well-being.  Furthermore, minimalist furniture design is adaptable and used in different spaces, from modern to traditional ones. 

4. Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is trendy in hotel furniture design. This trend is characterized by soft, flawless lines, which create a sense of movement and volatility in the space. However, curved furniture differs from armchairs, tables, sofas, and lighting fixtures. The hotels can create warm and inviting atmospheres that enhance relaxation and comfort by using curved furniture. 

5. Customized Furniture

Another trend in furniture design is hotel casegoodswhich gained paramount traction in customized furniture. Customers are looking for functional, stylish, unique, and personal furniture. To accomplish this demand, furniture manufacturers create easily modified and customized pieces to fulfill each customer's particular needs and preferences. 

For instance, some hospitality furniture manufacturers provide altered pieces in size, color, and materials. Others use modular designs, allowing customers to create their pieces by mixing elements. 

6. Local and Handmade Furniture

The authenticity and personality of a hotel room can be enhanced by custom pieces made by local craftsmen or artisans. This can be anything from headboards, nightstands, and mirrors to seating and custom-made furniture. Hotels can give their guests a sense of place using locally sourced materials.

7. Mixed Materials

A space can be visually dynamic and exciting by mixing different textures and materials. Hotels use various materials, including leather, metals, fabric, and glass, to create unique, eye-catching furniture. Using other materials in hotels can help create harmony and balance, allowing guests to feel comfortable.

8. Smart Furniture

Another emerging trend in furniture design is the establishment of technology in furniture. Innovative furniture refers to pieces that include technology like sensors, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to offer extra functionality and convenience. However, this furniture is trendy as hoteliers look for ways to make their space convenient and connected. 

For instance, innovative furniture includes a bed that automatically adjusts to suitable temperature and firmness for good sleep. So, this type of furniture piece does not only enhances the space functionality but also offers an enjoyable experience. 


The hotel industry is constantly developing, so staying updated with the latest trends is crucial to remain competitive. Hotels can use eco-friendly and sustainable materials, locally crafted furniture, comfortable seats, vibrant colors and patterns, and multifunctional furniture to create an unforgettable guest experience. Sara Hospitality will create an atmosphere appealing to all guests by staying up-to-date. They will provide them with the comfort and functionality they want.