5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Hotel FF&E Provider

Sara Hospitality | Jan 03, 2024

However, many alterations can go wrong during FF&E installation, and the right partner can create a big difference. The relationship with hotel FF&E suppliers will be close and longstanding, and how they can manage challenges or break the timeline.

When you determine and consult with different hospitality FF&E providers, then while hiring, you should raise the questions. This questions helps you to evaluate who will be the best fit for your project. 

Must Ask Questions Before Hiring Hotel FF&E Suppliers

You must ask a few questions to hire the right FF&E installer for the project. With this information, you are perfectly positioned for an FF&E installation. 

1. How You Will Help Me Meet Budget and Timeline

For any hotel industry, staying within budget and following timelines are two crucial aspects that measure the success of the renovation of new construction projects. Experienced hotel FF&E providers will save you money and time by offering the right mix of trust and financially strong performing FF&E suppliers who fall within your budget. 

End-to-end providers like Sara Hospitality will streamline and manage the brand delivery scheduling details, freight logistics, and project management. 

2. Do You Have References I Can Contact?

Usually, FF&E installers will provide a few past clients willing to act as references. Consult with the installer about the case you are discussing, and ensure that you call with all the concerns they share. You may be surprised how organizations will gather references but have yet to receive the call to do their due diligence. Moreover, you need to step ahead and research about it. When thinking suitable, consider consulting with past clients your installer still needs to provide as references.


If you are lucky, you will find someone you are willing to be candid with and provide complete details about the picture of a potential FF&E installer. 

3. Do They Have a Proven Systematic Process?

A proven installation process is vital in completing your project promptly and effectively. As various parties are involved, it is overwhelming to juggle everyone's responsibilities. As a hotel owner, you should never streamline the processes of individual suppliers you will hire. You have hired them because they are professional at what they do, right? So, hiring professionals with proven years of experience in place is always great. This supplier will comprehend and systematically execute all of its responsibilities and tasks, letting you rest assured that your project is in safe hands. When your supplier's process builds accountability across all included parties, you are one step closer to the protected project. 

4. Is your Brand a Recommended Partner?

Word-of-mouth is highly beneficial in choosing FF&E suppliers. This is especially true when discussing an FF&E supplier with a hotel brand. It is common for hotel franchisors to maintain a list of preferred partners, and rest assured they have gone through proper vetting. Confirm with your brand contact who their pre-approved FF&E providers are, and be cautious of anyone not on their list. 

5. What is Your Involvement?

The hotel projects will expand beyond just placing orders with hospitality FF&E manufacturers. However, thousands of variables and products are available in the new creation and renovation of the project. To streamline many moving parts, you require a hospitality procurement company that rolls up its sleeves and plays in making active planning and problem-solving until your project is completed. 

An experienced FF&E provider will take hands-on methods and visit the project site at crucial moments, communicating updates and responsiveness throughout the process. Ask them how much accessible the procurement supplier will be. All this discussion should be conducted in person or by phone calls.    


Working with professional and experienced FF&E installers will create day and night differences in your next project. By asking these questions, the process will set you up to find a perfect installer who plays a crucial role in keeping the project rolling forward on time and within budget. Our Sara Hospitality provides a one-stop solution for FF&E installations, including freight, installation, and storage services. To discover more, reach out to experts for a complimentary consultation.