Who We Are

Sara Hospitality is a custom design and complete furniture, fixture, and equipment package supplier for the hospitality industry in the USA. We have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing of quality furniture. Our portfolio includes design styles backed by industry professional and lodging franchises. With more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have developed a skilled, and stable workforce, all while perfecting the process from designing, brand approval, manufacturing, and delivery.


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Project Management

From designing to delivery, our project managers are responsible for overseeing your project from start to finish.

Global Sourcing

With our own manufacturing unit based in India, we can dominate the manufacturing and sourcing of quality products. We acquire furniture, fixtures, and equipment for several hundred hotels each year.

In House Manufacturing

At our core, we are manufacturers and factory owners. With over 100 years of combined leadership experience, we understand the quality and workmanship that goes into building high quality furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We have maintained product expertise and strive to excel with the demands of customers.


Our logistics team routes all domestic and international shipments. Each shipment is optimized for the class of freight and services needed. Shipment tracking and lift-gate service are available at any time

CAD Drawing

Our designers and CAD specialists create detailed drawings to ensure the quantity of items will fit seamlessly. Our ID drawings are used by the architects, general contractors, installers, and brand submittal and approval.

Our Happy Customers

Elevate Your Hotel Furniture with Unparalleled Style & Unsurpassed Comfort

We are Sara Hospitality - a recognized and leading hospitality furniture manufacturer in the USA. We manufacture everything from hotel furniture pieces and provide them in restaurants, hotels, bars, and many other places. We are recognized as one of the best hotel interior designing companies in the United States.

If you want something innovative in hotel furniture or have a specific need and want custom furniture for your luxury hotel or restaurant then our furniture can best fit you.

Creating Custom Hotel Furniture is Our Speciality

For more than ten years in furniture manufacturing, We Sara Hospitality (AKA Sara Hospitality USA) has proudly served as a custom hospitality manufacturer and offers all hospitality solutions ranging from hotel furniture to installation.

We have expertise in hospitality casegood furniture design for resorts, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and many other places. As a hotel furniture manufacturer based in Atlanta, Georgia Sara Hospitality products are value-engineered that will completely fit into your hotel project needs, design style, and budget.

Our approach to quality design and manufacturing, coupled with our expertise and in-house quality control, has surpassed the expectations of large corporates and startup businesses.

Make Sara Hospitality your luxury hotel furniture suppliers partner today!

Brand Building Experiences with Top Quality FF&E

Sara Hospitality has partnered with hotels, designers, and architects to create high-class hotel and public area furnishings. We work closely with our clients, from design concepts to fabrication and shipping, in addition to helping with detailed drawings and renderings. Our keen attention to detail and experience as a hospitality furniture manufacturer lead us to create beautiful pieces of furniture, casegoods, vanities, and more.

Our company's purpose is to provide each customer with our customized experience with custom hotel furniture. We implement high standards policy for quality and help manage each step of processes.

Hospitality Solutions You Can Expect from Sara Hospitality

1) Interior Design

Design is much more than a space look. It’s how hotel room furniture flows; its colors and style harmonize with each other and the brand itself. It’s about creating a perfect balance between classic comfort and modern taste that make your guest happy.

2) Project Management

Leave all management tasks like placing orders, communicating with the hotel furniture manufacturer, and procurement in the hands of a commercial hotel furniture supplier.

3) Global Sourcing

Sara Hospitality's furniture manufacturing unit is based in India. So we can dominate manufacturing and sourcing quality. As furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) suppliers, we serve several hotels annually.

4) Production and Manufacturing

When managing hotel furniture stuff, two things will ruin your day i.e.receiving a shipment of flimsy, wobbly furniture and receiving an order late. But, as a famous hotel furniture supplier, we put our best to stop both.

5) Logistics

Much work goes into achieving logistic success, and our wholesale hotel furniture team manages smoothly, domestically or internationally.

6) CAD Drawing

Our design team and CAD specialists create drawings that ensure the number of items will fit smoothly.

Beautiful Setting for Every Corner

Every commercial space is unique, and each owner desires to create a different look and functional space from others. Sara Hospitality offers a wide range of products like hospitality casegoods, hotel room furniture, soft seating, bathroom vanity, and furniture, fixture & equipment (FF&E). We ensure that our high-quality and durable furnishings are made to last. Our hospitality products collection gives you ultimate control over how space looks.

So, whether you need furniture for hotels, motels, restaurants, and boutiques, our quality hotel furniture is just one click away.

Products That Glorifies Your Space Beauty

1. Soft Seatings

We serve every type of seating, from ergonomic chairs to hotel lounge chairs; all our seating facility is contemporary to classic, stylish, and environment friendly. With our commitment to quality manufacturing, creative design, and a wide selection of styles, we will ensure that you find perfect seating solutions.

In soft seating, we have a variety of hotel lobby furniture that serve different purposes. However, regarding durability, style, and functionality, chairs are second to none. Sara Hospitality has long held a reputation as offering wholesale hotel furniture manufactured using quality materials and providing the utmost comfort.

2. Bathroom Vanities

Our luxury hotel-style bathroom vanity runs the gamut of old antique and modern styles. There is no better choice for an interior hotel look than a modern bathroom vanity. It offers all modern style features like sleek designs, minimum hardware, and a stylish sink that will match hotel decor.

As a leading wholesale bathroom vanities supplier in the USA, we will help you transform your hotel space into stylish and relaxing that you will enjoy for years. Our website includes a wide selection of the best quality and affordable bathroom vanities and other accessories. Want to see more latest designs, no worries just contact us and ask.

3. Furniture, Fixture, and Equipments

Furniture, fixture, and equipments (ff&e) set the tone of an excellent hotel stay. We, as a commercial hotel furniture supplier, will invite guests with warm lighting and delightful designs. Our vast selection of elements includes a range of wholesale decor that helps you to create a pleasing atmosphere that visitors can enjoy. Our hotel-style bathroom vanity has multiple products in different styles and budgets that make a distinct look in your hotel bathroom.

If any hotel is undertaking complete bathroom renovation or changing some fixtures, Sara Hospitality has every accessory to get the job done. We are a leading wholesale bathroom vanities supplier in the USA and are proud to be a producer of bathrooms and all types of products.

Enjoy affordable and sophisticated Furniture, fixtures, and accessories from Sara Hospitality.

4. Hospitality Casegoods

Elegance and creativity are two leading elements of interiors in the hospitality business. Thus, as casegood manufacturers, we are inspired by design and motivated through collaboration with the design team. Sara Hospitality manufactures hospitality casegood for country clubs, restaurants, hotels, and many other places.

We have more than ten years of experience in manufacturing custom hotel furniture, and we welcome an extensive range of hospitality casegood projects successfully. Our furniture manufacturing capabilities will beautifully complement your hotel furniture designs. Our aim is durability, designs, and the possibility for transitions in the hotelier's business.

Our Portfolio

Regarding the hospitality industry, various other essential factors can help your hospitality space create a memorable visit for guests. Like, from existing attractions to counterparts services, we do much hard work to make an unforgettable experience for every guest. As so much competition exists in the hotel world thus, it is challenging for hotel businesses to stand out against competitors. We at Sara Hospitality create unique and custom hotel furniture that enables you to stand apart from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on visitors' minds.

Over the years we have completed various projects and made hoteliers' dreams come true, you can check out the projects in our portfolio. As a hospitality furniture manufacturer, we have worked with multiple hotels and resorts in the United States. Each product is unique, and our custom furniture designs are tailored to the need of each customer.

Sara Hospitality is here for your furniture needs and helps make your custom furniture a reality. Let’s send your inquiry to us and enjoy our top-class hospitality solutions.